The Saraswatii Foundation is a grass-roots Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) focused on aiding, educating, and empowering the artisans of Amer’s parent company, Saraswatii Global Pvt. Ltd.

As a field-based experience, education and assistance are brought to women and men who otherwise would not have had an opportunity to learn, not only essential literacy, but concepts of entrepreneurship that will eventually allow Saraswatii’s artisans to become business owners themselves. And, because this experience is brought to the doorsteps of Saraswatii’s artisans, rural development and renewal can be achieved through intentional application of social responsibility.

By developing a sustainable model for improving the livelihoods of the artisans and families of one company, a greater effort is made for the whole of impoverished regions of India.

The Saraswatii Foundation also recognizes and encourages the development of family wellness systems in rural areas. To that end, the foundation has not only created new schools and supported existing schools, but has also offered local classes, seminars, and has even provided scholarships to artisan family members to attend private institutions and bring that knowledge home.

Likewise, medical treatment is provided to artisans and their families, thus improving working conditions and continuing to alleviate the endemic child labor problem in India.

As a practical application of the best that mankind can offer one another, the Saraswatii Foundation works toward a harmonious tomorrow, filled with hope, passion, and empathy.