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Amer has no minimum order for our catalog items.
Amer has 18" square or 2x3 samples of its entire line, and color blankets of select items, depending on availability.

Samples may be kept up to 30 days without penalty or restocking charges. Samples may not be returned after 90 days.

Samples may be provided in various sizes, depending on availability in the collection requested.

Please mark your order clearly "Samples".

Customer is responsible for all shipping charges both ways.
Items in original, sellable condition may be returned within 14 days of receipt without penalty.

Product must be returned in its original or equivalent packaging.

Amer does not accept returns on any item after 60 days from receipt.

Any item returned without an RA numbermay be refused at the customer's expense.

For your protection, we recommend that all items be returned with a tracking number and proper insurance.

Once the item is received and inspected, a credit (not including freight) for the item will be issued to your account. If you have a prepaid account and require a check to be issued, please contact our accounting department to request a check refund at 888.425.7847 or email us at accounts@amerrugs.com.

An RA number must be clearly visible on the outside of the package for all returns, including samples.

An RA number must be clearly visible on the outside of the package for all returns, including samples.RA numbers may be obtained by email: cs@amerrugs.com, or by calling customer service: 888.425.7847.
Upon receipt of your items, please inspect the package thoroughly with the driver present, and only then, open the package. Transit damage must be pointed out to the driver, and noted on the delivery order or Bill Of Lading. A claim should then be filed against the transporter. No claims will be considered by Amer or responsibility taken where the packaging is torn, dirty, or damaged.

If damage is concealed or not noted at time of delivery, call the carrier to amend the Bill of Lading prior to returning the shipment. Neither Amer nor its trucking partners can be held liable if shipping documentation is signed and damage is not noted by the receiver.

Amer is a "Freight on Board" shipper, meaning that Amer's responsibilities for an item cease when a carrier takes possession of the package. Any claims for damage must be filed by the receiving party at the point of delivery.

Please call customer service immediately at 888.425.7847 and notify us that you have received/refused a damaged item.

A re-order for the damaged item will be processed once a new PO/request is submitted in writing.
There is a $500 minimum on custom orders.

A non-refundable 50% deposit is due at the time of order submission. Delays in payment will delay submission of the order to our India office for processing.

The remaining invoice amount, including all shipping, insurance, and handling costs, is due prior to shipment
A new account application form with accompanyingresale permit need to be filled out and returned to Amer before an order will be processed. Please email to accounts@amerrugs.com, or fax to 770.300.0094.

A notification of your new Amer account number will be sent to you within five working days.

If will be paying via credit card, please send in a completed credit card authorization form.

If you do not have an account application or credit card authorization form please call 888.425.7847, or email us at info@amerrug.com.
Every Amer rug is warranted against manufacturing defects for one year from the original purchase date. Amer may repair or replace an item, at its discretion,without charge.

To file a claim under this Limited Warranty, please contact customer service at 888.425.7847. Proof of original purchase and clear photographic evidence are required. Determination of defect is solely the discretion of Amer.

Dealer is expected to inspect all customer claims.

Claims for damage to rugs arising from negligence or any third-party application on or to a rug, will not be entertained by Amer.

Customer's cost of a rug constitutes the maximum liability that Amer will consider on any claim.
Yes: AmEx, MasterCard, Visa.
Please email orders@amerrugs.com or call customer service at 888.425.7847
Amer makes every effort to ship orders within three business days. Occasionally, larger orders may require additional time to assemble.
Please email orders@amerrugs.com or fax to 770.300.0094
Yes, Amer has a comprehensive MAP policy in effect to protect not only the Amer brand, but its partners as well.

Any partner wishing to engage in external advertising, using Amer items, is encouraged to do so, provided that the partner has completed an Advertising and Pricing Agreement.

Online partners are required to sign off on Amer's Advertising and Pricing Agreement.

To get an Advertising and Pricing Agreement, please email us at info@amerrug.com.