1. Do You Ship In Foreign Countries?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

2. Are There Any Charges For Shipping Or Is It Free?

Shipping charges are applicable as per destination and type of order.

1. How Can I Pay ?

Payment Methods: Debit card, credit card, wire transfer, ACH, check.
For any other queries related payment:
Call us at: 7703000900 Ext. 105.
Mail us at: accounts@amerrugs.com.

2. Is EMI Option Available For Payment?


3. How Do I Get The Prices?

Please contact Amer Rugs Sales Representative at info@amerrugs.com

1. How Can I Modify My Order Or Cancel My Order?

Any modification or cancellation is only possible if the information is received before the order is shipped. Please get in touch with us for the same at info@amerrugs.com. Custom orders cannot be cancelled.

2. Where Is My Order?

You can track the order with tracking details provided on Invoice, for further assistance you can contact us through below channels.
Mobile: 7703000900 (08:30 AM - 05:30 PM EST).
Email: orders@amerrugs.com

3. How Much Time Does It Take To Deliver?

Order is usually shipped within 48hrs of placing the order; delivery time may vary as per destination.

4. Do You Have A Minimum Order Quantity Or Total Price?

Amer has no minimum order for our catalogue items.

5. Can You Send Me A Catalog?

Our eCatalog can be accessed by anyone through our website. Complete product range can be explored on our website and is searchable by collection, construction, material, color and style. For a Hard copy of catalog, please contact info@amerrugs.com.

1. How Do I Clean My Rug?

We recommend a professional cleaning every 2-5 years in order to keep your rug looking and feeling great for many years.You can also refer our website for further instructions

2. How To Maintain My Rug?

It is important to rotate all of your area rugs frequently, particularly if they lay in high-traffic areas. As your family & guests walk over your rugs, they will begin to wear in the spots that get the most traffic. By rotating the rug, you ensure the entire rug wears evenly and the appearance is similar throughout.

3.How Can I Fix A Snag In My Rug?

Never pull on a snagged rug fiber. Instead, lift the fiber and clip it right at the source. If you're not sure what to do, contact us for assistance.

4.How Do I Store My Rug?

Be sure to clean your rug first, then roll it and wrap it in heavy-duty plastic with moth balls before sealing the whole thing with tape.

5. How Can I Prevent My Carpet From Slipping Off From The Floor When I Walk On It?

It is easy! A rug pad will make all the difference. Place a rug pad for better results.

6. Should I Use A Rug Pad?

We recommend a rug pad, not only to provide additional cushion, but to protect the flooring beneath the rug from wear. Rug pads will also give your rug additional traction to prevent slipping, making your rug safer.

1. What If My Rug Is Damaged, Defective In Any Way, Or Just Not The Item I Ordered?

Each of our rugs goes through strict quality checks before it is shipped. However, in case the rug is damaged in transit, we request you to share with us the pictures of the damaged part, as soon as you receive the rug, at info@amerrugs.com along with your order ID and mark on the BOL with the driver that the rug is damaged or refuse the delivery. After receiving your email we will ensure resolution ASAP. If we are not notified with 24 hours of delivery Amer won't take the responsibility for filing a claim.

2. What Is Your Return Policy?

All items purchased online are eligible for up to 30 days hassle free return. For more details click here: https://www.amerrugs.com/return-policy

1. Do You Make Customized Rugs?

Yes, we make customized rugs. The clients can share their requirements to our designers and we can create one as per your choice. https://www.amerrugs.com/custom-rugs

For customized rugs you can mail us @ info@amerrugs.com

1. Do You Have A MAP Policy?

Yes, Amer has a comprehensive MAP policy in effect to protect not only the Amer brand, but its partners as well. Any partner wishing to engage in external advertising, using Amer items, is encouraged to do so, provided that the partner has completed an Advertising and Pricing Agreement. Online partners are required to sign off on Amer's Advertising and Pricing Agreement. To get an Advertising and Pricing Agreement, please email us at info@amerrug.com.

2. Can I Become A Partner?

Yes. A new account application form with accompanying resale permit need to be filled out and returned to Amer before an order will be processed. Please email to accounts@amerrugs.com, or fax to 770.300.0094. A notification of your new Amer account number will be sent to you within five working days. If will be paying via credit card, please send in a completed credit card authorization form. If you do not have an account application or credit card authorization form please call 888.425.7847, or email us at info@amerrug.com.