Saraswatii Global Foundation

Saraswatii Global Foundation, since its inception in 2012, is working to create a dignified livelihood opportunities for the deprived rural section of our nation, promising education, empowerment and health to the 'have-not' section and is simultaneously working to turn artisans into entrepreneurs so that they can scale their businesses by spreading their wings and touch new horizons.

Behind-the-scene story for launching the NGO:

The NGO was launched with the humble efforts of Mr. Mahendra Chaudhary who worked quite close with artisans to understand their actual work and life conditions. He was deeply saddened to see their day to day struggles for basic necessities like healthcare, education, social acceptance and respect and hence created Saraswatii Foundation with an aim to make a better world for artisans.

Chaudhary is extremely passionate about the rights of every laborer, weaver and artisan and follows a success mantra, "Ensure your employees' well-being & they will ensure success for you."

Building the future:

Our NGO has been working tirelessly to provide education and dignified livelihood to artisans and their families so they can also have a better future to live a dignified life. Also, we are catering to their needs by building a better world where youth education is imparted to one and all and community health programmes are being launched from time to time to ensure welfare of artisans.

Nurturing dreams:

The foundation has been nurturing dreams of thousands of rural artisans while working for their socio-economic growth. Caring for their families' education and wellness, it organizes free-of-cost camps, classes and seminars for artisans and their families. It also provides scholarships to the deserving children to pursue higher studies and also provides medical treatment to them.

Empowering women:

Women empowerment is yet another mission and vision of Saraswatii Foundation. Making them independent and providing them with education and other resources are the key goals of the foundation.

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