A quick glance into our design world

Amer offers a unique creative center with a myriad of programs including Merchandising Display and The Sample Rugs Display programs among others to ensure our customers get an elaborative view of comprehensive designs and collections which have come out after hard efforts of artisans and other teams.

Merchandising Display Programs

Amer Rugs offers merchandise display programs for the comfort of their clients who can easily glance through the diverse rug samples to choose rugs of their choice.

These rug samples drive a seamless shopping experience with a small footprint and come as a great way to show our customers the exact texture, pile height, design, and color of the rugs. Although smaller in size, they are just like the usual rug and are easier to display and present to customers.

Amer Rugs adopted this program aware of the fact that presenting full-size heavy rugs is not an ideal way to showcase a wide variety of rugs. Sometimes, it becomes practically infeasible to display the rugs in their usual sizes. This problem can easily be solved by making use of rug samples.

The Sample Rugs Display Program

Amer Rugs understands that purchasing an area rug is an investment but serving samples to customers can enable them to have a clear view of the color, texture and pile height of a specific rug, which simplifies the rug selection process and minimizes the need for returns. Our robust sample display program includes samples for each of our rug designs which provide versatile display solutions. While the program enables retailers to establish a strong presence in the rug business, it also allows customers to easily see the entire rug and judge its quality, pile height, texture, and color. We offer rugs to display in a variety of ways. These are:

1. Sample Programs

We offer a wide variety of 18" squares to show the quality, color and construction details of our products

All 18" Square samples are priced at $25 each

Any samples may be returned within 60 days for full credit and no restocking charge. The customer is responsible for the cost of shipping samples to and from our Distribution Center in Norcross, GA.

For EXPRESS ORDER PROCESSING include promo code SAMPLES in order notes when submitting a sample order.

SPECIAL SAMPLE PROGRAMS are available for Interior Designers and Retailers.

OUR DISPLAY RACK showcases 40+ samples

Special Offer

Select 40 - 18" samples and SAMPLES ARE 50% OFF and THE RACK IS FREE

Total Package Price* = $49999

Include Promo Code FREERACK40

*samples invoiced at $12.50 each; Sample rack at No Charge

For more information please contact your Amer Rugs Salesperson or our Sales Manager at info@amerrugs.com

2. Display Rack

We offer excellent quality of Carpet Display Rack which stands ideal for displaying a variety of items which can be placed on various racks. The Display Rack is a cost-effective method which broadens retail display and generates terrific sales per square foot by making perfect use of display racks.

Retailers via display rack can showcase rug samples from multiple collections having a variety of designs and styles. It is fully flexible and expandable.

Display Details:

  • You have full control on what you want to display and hence you have the option to select the best designs and colours fitting better to your store.
  • The display rack can hold multiple samples so you can showcase a broad selection of your rugs.
  • One can enjoy seamless shopping experience with easy functionality of the display rack.
  • The display rack is customer and staff friendly.

Promotional Offer- Order 10 or more rug samples and get a display rack absolutely free (Shipping charges applicable). Utilise your AMER Catalog in combination with the above sample display programs to offer your customers the best selection experience.