Boutique Rugs

Boutique rugs are a collection of lavishly handmade silk-like super soft classic style rugs. The fine pile density provides a traditional look to the rugs. Amer rugs provide a wide range of boutique rugs styles from vintage to modern and everything in between in different bright bold colors and patterns. People use boutique rugs to add more texture, color, and pattern to their home spaces but many times they don’t have any clues about the dos and don’ts of rug styling. It is important to know about the perfect size, color, and texture of a rug that matches your spaces. Here’s a list of rules to follow when you styling your home with boutique rugs.
•    Place the rugs where the couches and chair's front legs can be placed on the rug.
•    If you are styling the rug in the dining room, remember that all the chairs should be able to fit on the rug.
•    If you place the boutique rug underneath the bed, then remember that the rug should extend the edges of the bed.

How thick should a Boutique Rugs be?

It mostly depends on your personal choice as to how thick a boutique rugs should be. The thickness of a boutique rugs is called a “pile”. A rug with a low pile will be less luxurious but it will be easier to clean whereas a rug with a high pile is going to be more expensive and more difficult to clean. Moreover, a low pile rug will hold up better to wear and tear and will last for a longer time. The low pile rugs are more affordable and easy to clean.

Where to buy the best Boutique Rugs

The best option for purchasing a beautiful area rug for your home is Amer rugs. We manufacture a wide range of designs and patterns that is both affordable and will fit all personalities. Why Amer rugs for boutique rugs:
•    Wide-range of designs and patterns
•    Affordable rates
•    World-class quality
•    On-time deliver

How much does a Boutique Rugs Cost?

You may be curious about the prices of boutique rugs. Don’t get panic when you see prices begin from a high point. Because there is no comparison between a normal carpet and a beautifully crafted rug, the rug is interchangeable. The price of rugs mainly depends on the type, style, design, and pattern of the rugs.

Choosing the Finest Boutique Rugs

When you place boutique rugs in your space it becomes the main point of the space and that’s why it’s important to choose the best rug for your space that compliments it. Here’s a list of things to consider while buying a rug.
•    Size: Make sure that the size of a rug isn’t too small because a bigger rug is normally better. A smaller rug will look like a late addition or afterthought.
•    Color: The wrong color of the rug can leave a negative impact on the room. A rug with neutral color will compliment every space.
•   Texture: The texture of the rug is important to consider as many rugs are difficult to clean and especially when you have little ones in your home. Choose the texture according to your lifestyle.
•    Pattern: It’s important to choose a pattern that gives a perfect look to your space rather than competing with the rest of the décor in the space. A neutral pattern that is not too bold can be a perfect pattern for your space.