Everyone wants their own personalized designed rugs and Amer rugs give that opportunity through their bespoke rug production. As we understand the unique and creative preferences of our clients, we empower them to explore their creativity and direct us with their own choices and requirements to create a unique piece that is perfectly tailored as per their personalized style.

With our friendly personalized services of bespoke rugs, we can convert any creative idea into a beautiful rug. For customization, you can either pick a design from our wide range of rugs' collection or work with us on complete bespoke creation. Our expert team of designers will be happy to guide you through this exciting process.

Having strong elite of designers, we give full freedom to our clients to choose their colors, designs, patterns, materials, and shapes to create their very own masterpiece. To design your bespoke rug with us contact our sales associate for more details on the customization process and get your dream rug delivered to your doorstep.

Here are a few simple steps to place an order for custom rugs:

Step 1 : Select Your Design, Fabric, Construction, Colour, Shape & Size

You can choose from our wide variety of collections, or share your ideas with us through pictures or descriptions. We provide rugs in all shapes and sizes, ranging from small rectangular runners to large area rugs and even in unusual shapes.

Step 2 : Provide the selected code to our Sales Associate

Select the design from our collections and provide the design code to our associates as we have code for every design.

Step 3 : An Artwork will be shown to you for your final approval

Our expert designers will present an artwork which is designed according to your requirements. It will give you an idea of how the rug will look like. You can suggest the changes if required, otherwise, can approve it for the production of your bespoke rug.

The Design Process of Bespoke Rugs

Personalization is worthless without knowing the individual; hence, to create a perfect bespoke rug that suits the unique taste of the customer, our design experts initiate the process with a thorough discussion with them. It helps them in finding out the best ways of attaining the clients' customization objectives, whether it is the size, color, design, material, or pattern.

We provide rugs in all shapes and sizes, ranging from small rectangular runners to large area rugs and even in unusual shapes. Besides, the size, we also allow the customers to select any color and construction category from Hand knotted, Hand-woven, Hand tufted, flat weave, Power loom, and Shag to Multipurpose. For material, we allow them to pick among various fabrics from natural fibers like Silk and Wool to man-made ones like Polyester and Polypropylene. They can either pick one or can go for a combination of two or more fibers.

Once the ideal size, material, pattern, and color is fixed, our professionals work closely with the clients to ensure that there is no room for mistakes and create a concise summary of all the details with fabric swatches, paint chips, and images. To give the customers an idea of how the rug would look like, our expert designers then present the artwork based on their requirements. Later, the clients can suggest the changes if required, otherwise, can approve it for production. After the customers' suggestions and requirements, our designers start the customization process.

Shop the Best Quality Bespoke Rugs

Sparkly Flooring of Bespoke Rugs is suitable for residential, hospitality and luxury yacht designs. Our professional design team will collaborate with you every step of ensuring that the rug is well suited to your needs. We use a range of fabrics to make your personalized rug-from ultra-soft nylon, fake silk, bamboo and viscose, to USA wool and cotton. No carpet is too large or small; we can create customized bespoke rugs of any shade, style or scale. You can browse our collection and select rugs of your choice.

How to Get The Finest Bespoke Rugs-

SAmer rugs have a beautiful collection of bespoke rugs for anyone with the most rigorous requirements and impeccable taste to grace the most luxurious environments. To contrast with your fitted carpet or wood floor, or maybe to match a smaller bedroom, you might be shopping for a rug. Besides our usual selection of wool carpets, you can also get a rug made from our broad range of most delicate fabric. Pick your preference and the size you need for the rugs. We also sell rugs from our customized carpet collections for the private client.

Bespoke Rugs Manufacturer-

The possibilities of bespoke rugs design are limitless, and innovations are still available to us. Our service enables you to create an entirely new piece, either based on a concept you have or built alongside our team. There are many technological and material complexities to discover, as well as a stunning array of colours at your disposal. Amer rugs have the skills and experience to make you realize your dream bespoke rugs. As a leading manufacturer of bespoke rugs in the USA, we have been one of the most popular platforms for all carpets' styles to locate villas, hotels, offices, house, cafes, restaurants, and hospitals to upgrade floors of a location. Our high premium quality handmade and machine-made carpets have given us the requisite recognition in the international carpeting industry.

Qualities of our Bespoke Rugs-

Quality is similar to our cores. By definition, reliability is a metric of perfection free from flaws, weaknesses and variations. Amer rugs manufacture a wide range of carpets of different qualities. Our wide variety of styles and qualities can be customized to create bespoke rugs that are ideal for your needs. You may modify colours, order particular shapes and sizes, alter your yarns and make patterns or print according to your requirement. Using our staff's support, you can pick a rug ranging from low price to high price, and we will fit the sample with ultimate quality and fabrics. Designs may be dyed into triangles, lines, circles, squares and many more.

Why choose us for Best Bespoke Rugs-

At Amer rugs, quality and prices are the primary concern, and we are always accessible to people facing post-care and maintenance issues. Needless to say, in most of the projects on which we have served so far, our efficiency is illustrated in terms of architecture, texture and lead times. Our experts have always gone an extra mile to do the right task from bespoke rugs in small sizes to wall-to-wall carpeting for designs, which explains why we are the best manufacturer of carpets in USA. We have a long list of loyal clients and are fortunate to have high-end designers and architects from around the world on our list of customers. For the past many years, we have been making beautiful Rugs and carpet. At Amer rugs, from design creation to implementing a single carpet or an extensive hospitality project, we excel in rug manufacturing and retailing.

Terms & Conditions

  • Average time required for hand-tufted rugs: 90 to 12 Days
  • The average time required for Hand-Knotted rugs depends on the size and knot count. Ask our Sales or Customer Service Associate for an approximate time quote.
  • To place a custom order, 50% of the total amount needs to be paid in advance to Amer and, in regards to process the order; it is a mandatory norm to follow.
  • Because all the handmade rugs go through a deep, delicate, and manual process of weaving, there may be minimal change in size and slight color variations.
  • The average lead time is always estimated.
  • All the custom items are not subject to cancellation or refund.
  • Except for manufacturing defects, the rug would not be returned in any case.
  • Additional charges would be applicable for width greater than 12' and length greater than 18'.
  • 25% upcharge would be applicable on custom size on Amer programmed collections and designs irrespective of construction.
  • 35% upcharge would be applicable on custom design and size on Amer programmed collections irrespective of construction.
  • 40% upcharge would be applicable on custom colors and size on Amer programmed collections and designs irrespective of construction.
  • 55% upcharge would be applicable on completely custom design, color, and size irrespective of construction.
  • $100 for 24"x24" strike off for all construction except Hand knotted.
  • $200 for 24"x24" strike off for Hand knotted.
  • Additional charges would be applicable for width greater than 12' and length greater than 18'.
  • Some fixed charges will be applicable on all the customized products. For more information talk to our sales representative.
  • Advance deposited would be non-refundable.