The spectacular rug passes through a magical transformation to come out as a beautiful piece of artistry to be spread on floor. From being a simple yarn at first stage, it passes through difference phases and hands, weaving thousands of stories in the process. Hence, each rug comes out with a story after passing through beautiful processes.

Initially, it starts with yarn making process after collecting the finest wool. In fact, the initial task comprises sourcing out the best wool and processing it. This raw wool is cleaned and spun into yarn with diverse processes including carding, spinning and hanks.
Next comes the dyeing process which is followed by wool processing. After the wool is processed, it goes for weaving to artisans who weave the rugs on the basis of a rug map given to them. Once, weaving is completed, there comes raw clipping process, which is followed by washing process,.

In this process, rugs are washed to ensure they have natural sheen coming out through the yarns used.
Now, the rug is complete and hence is stretched, and done with edge binding and high low carving process where it is evened out and trimmed to ensure it is ready to be shipped.

From the design process, to the selection of materials, to the creation and finishing processes each rug is handcrafted with the finest care by skilled team of artisans.
As this one rug passes through many hands, it creates many interesting stories of craftsmanship, women entrepreneurship and many more within.