5 Reasons why Grey Rugs are most Preferred

5 Reasons why Grey Rugs are most Preferred

5 Reasons why Grey Rugs are most Preferred

  • Amer Rugs
  • 20 December 2022

Rugs are all about colours and designs. Colours are the reason to give life to your rug and enhance its design and texture. The colour scheme can make a great difference in your entire home decor. Grey colour is full of emotions. It is versatile, balanced and on the dull side. Many designers and artists tend to choose grey rugs over other colours. And what makes this grey rug special is its unique features. Here are 5 reasons to choose Grey Rug.

Go With Every Colour

Home decor is a combination of colours and proper arrangement. It's important to follow a proper colour combination of furniture, walls and rugs. The confusing part is which colour to choose. A grey colour rug is perfect for every home. It goes with every colour combination and gives a welcoming vibe. You can style the grey rugs with both traditional and modern home decor.

Give The Illusion Of A Bigger Room

A light colour like grey gives a feeling of a bigger and more spacious room. Grey rugs are firm, reliable and safe in colour for every room. Grey goes with every shade so you can combine it with different colours and create a unique vibe.

Easy to Maintain

Grey colour is created with white and black colours. It contains the properties of both these colours. That’s why the grey colour is easy to maintain. Unlike white colour which gets dirty easily, grey on other hand reflects less dirt. They are easy to wash and their colour also does not fade.

Hides Dirt And Stain

Grey rugs with big patterns and texture help in masking stains and dirt. You can consider adding a grey rug in a room with high traffic. Even cleaning the grey rug is easy. Aside from dirt, if you have a pet then a grey rug will benefit in hiding the fur of your pet. The shredded hair can also be cleaned easily in rugs.


We should not forget that grey rugs are trendy. The combination of different patterns with grey colours is now trendy. They are versatile and go with every room from modern to traditional.

There are many reasons why a grey rug would be the perfect choice for your home. It is proven that grey colour brings positivity and an Aesthetic vibe. You can explore our unique grey collection of rugs and select the best for your home.