7 reasons why Antique rugs are going popular for modern decor…!

7 reasons why Antique rugs are going popular for modern decor…!

7 reasons why Antique rugs are going popular for modern decor…!

  • Amer Rugs
  • 23 January 2020

Although the art of rug making is quite old but it is working wonders with the generation next who is in awe of their designs and colours and hence prefers buying them to add artistic value and beauty to their living interiors. In a world which looks obsessed with taking forward leaps without looking back, these antique rugs seem to have changed the phenomenon where the modern generation prefers looking back at them to ensure they pick the right artistic piece bespeaking a different design tale. Therefore, antique rugs are being considered the next generation rugs which go well with modern decor for they are available in neutral shades and minimal colours and avoid too many textures within. Now, let’s figure out  reasons why antique rugs are considered next generation rugs…

Generation next prefers buying the antique rugs for their durability: The generation next is quite smart and loves to invest in anything which brings value along with them. So is the story of antique rugs handmade from all natural wool which are quite durable and last longer. Coming with own unique patterns, styles and textures, these next generation rugs are made to last for years with combination of attention to detail which come along with the sturdy natural fibres. Their stoic contrasts and appealing colours go well with the modern decor and that’s the reason the demand of these antique rugs refuses to fade away but it is going stronger with the generation next who love to add this lasting legacy in their interiors.

Generation next loves its multiple use on floors, walls,  living rooms, offices and even bathrooms: This might sound surprising but is true that an increasing percentage of the next generation is bringing antique rugs to their living abode and offices to spread them in plush living rooms, bedrooms, offices as well as in even bathrooms, reason being their design stories make the space live and surreal. The floors are warm and look decently covered with the art which itself has an appealing story to narrate.

Generation next buys antique rugs as an investment: Buying an antique rug promises proven longevity which stands with the test of time. They are more than being just a decor. They are work pieces of art. After being passed down for generations to next generations, they become an excellent asset which is highly valuable. Also for those who are looking for stable and reliant ways of investment, antique rugs come as the best option as they are quite rare in their approach and properties. At at time when stocks and bonds keep losing and gaining values, other decor and collectibles keep losing their sheen, antique rugs have been popular always where next generation too has been loving to invest.

The Generation Next loves themes of antique rugs: The spreading of an antique carpet to the interior spaces change the look of a room bringing depth to its interiors. Therefore the generation next loves buying the art statement which comes with beautiful thematic stories making the antique rug a rare piece of art spread on floors and walls. However, one needs to make sure that he chooses the right rug for his abode among the different styles available in antique rugs and carpets to choose from for the theme needs to match with the interiors and decor.

Generation Next values the artist’ work who weaves antique rugs: Basically, value of the rug is determined based on various parameters including its size, quality of wool, rarity, weave, colour, condition, age and design. However as it is a work of art, the generation next acknowledges the hard work that goes into its making and ensures this work is never understated. Hence he pays the right value of a rug depending on how much dealers want. Here he acts like a true art connoisseur who is  are ready to shell extra bucks to bring that artistic piece to his house which he loves, admires, adores and hence brings it at the right value who goes in accordance to  the artists’ work.

Generation Next understands who antique rugs support artisans: The generation next is intelligent who knows how machine made rugs lack incorporating true art and they don’t take much efforts except to create money for themselves, however they are aware that when they buy antique rugs, they opt for sustainability which stands for the cause of artisans. This responsible act of his to buy an antique rugs shall go miles to sustain the artisans and can speak for their socio-economic development.

Generation Next understands how antique Rugs are environment-friendly: The youths and millennials which comprise generation next are well aware with the fact that the antique rugs are made of all-natural materials which includes dyes and hence are good for the environment.  They come with all-natural ingredients which have fewer allergens and hence release lesser damaging toxins into the air which we breathe. The antique rugs come along with more eco-friendly decor theme and hence act as a solid investment. Due to their eco-friendly nature, they are a good option to be hanged on wall, placed on floor, spread in your bathroom or put up in your bedroom,

Going with these seven reasons for why antique rugs still make a preferred choice among the generation next, it is clear that the trend of these rugs shall never fade away but their popularity shall continue getting enhanced with they being the favourites of youths and millennials.