When you decide to add a rug to your room. There are many excellent choices to consider and pick from. Amer Rugs provide a range of classic, trendy and luxurious rugs to you. 
But it always has been confusing, where to start? 

So, before purchasing any rug, you should answer the following questions.

What's the use of the room in which you will place the rug?
Is the footstep traffic in that area?
Will space be a family and entertaining center of activity?
What is the purpose of buying a rug?
Will the rug receive sunlight or will be prone to any environmental changes?

The answer to all these questions will create a good idea of the type of rug you want in your mind.

Always remember that rug should match the ambiance of the area. So, consider these points as they will guide you to make things more clear.

Colour- reflection quotient:
Suppose your room is a canvas and the rug is the paintbrush. So, you should take care of the boundary and other color effects of the room. If your rug is extravagant, then other visual features in the space should be neutral. It can also be a daring, centerpiece. As almost every color imaginable comes with the rug, it's your pick.

Space will look accessible and expansive with the simple and natural hand-knotted rug. For a bolder statement in your furniture and draperies go with a more traditional color for the rug. 

In a space that has no sun, warm colors can generate heat, while cold greens and blues can settle down. Lighter colors make space look bigger; darker colors add to the convenience. One last thought, under varying lighting conditions, the colors of your rug would be different. So, try to take the sample pieces home and see them under the right lighting conditions.

Choosing the correct coil:

The coil is the interior pattern of the rug. The coil is an invisible yet vital part of your encounter with the rug scheme. It's worth the effort to make sure that you choose the right one. The basis for your rug should be a solid and resilient rug coil. The right coil serves as a shock absorber for relaxation and longevity. It also enhances acoustics and increases insulation, which makes an atmosphere calmer and colder.
Check the thickness and density specifications when choosing the rug. 

On Amer rugs, you can get custom-made rugs where you can even select the coil-type. Isn’t this astounding?

Take advantage of the way you live:

If you have a young family and pets, you should look for a tough and colorful rug with a textured loop batch or rough twisting quality. You can make a pile of flat colors if you are a couple looking for a bit of luxury. If you are an entertainer, a mid-to-dark pile of cut and loop will go in with a stitched pile.

Also, if you are a nature lover, then adding an Outdoor rug to your garden will make a big difference.

So, take care of these points before purchasing a rug to make your home or office look beautiful and sophisticated.