Amazing Things TO Know About Hand-Hooked Rugs

Amazing Things TO Know About Hand-Hooked Rugs

Amazing Things TO Know About Hand-Hooked Rugs

  • Amer Rugs
  • 28 January 2022

Hand-hooked rugs are made by repetitive pulling of fabric or yarn loops. These rugs are custom made and can be of simple as well as complex designs. The designs of choice can be found in hand hooked rugs as they are made by artisans by pulling of the yarn loops and they can do it in whatever way they want, or whatever the customer’s demand is. The hand-hooked rugs last longer than any other rug. They are known for their custom patterns and strong quality. There are a lot of such fascinating qualities in hand hooked rugs but there may be some amazing things you might not know about them. So, let’s have a look at 4 amazing things to know about Hand-hooked rugs:


Hand-hooked rugs are very resilient and durable. This is because they are crafted with hands by pulling of the yarns into loops. This is pulled tightly and knotted together which does not open easily. Or, in other words, a good quality hand-hooked rug tends to have no loose ends. They are easily washable and flexible which easies their placement and arrangement as per the person’s choice and aesthetic of the house.  

Appearance and Texture

Hand-hooked rugs are crafted by hands so they have an irregular surface. They are not cut back on the loom. This gives hand-hooked rugs an authentic and traditional look. Hand-hooked rugs are known for the royal look they provide to the house. Hand-hooked rugs were anciently used in the royal settings and thus, they still give that classic and elegant feel to the space they are placed at. The texture of these rugs are although uneven but not rough. This is because they are commonly made of wool that provides it a smooth and rich texture.

Natural Insulators

Hand-hooked rugs made of wool are known to be natural insulation workers. While they seem to be beautiful art pieces to make your house look more pleasing, they also provide sound insulation. This is a low-key quality needed by everyone. This quality makes woolen hand-hooked rugs as the preferred choice of most of the people. A good quality hand-hooked rug has a thick and cushiony feel which works just wonders not just in the matter of feel and texture, but also for the sound insulation making the space look clean and well-furnished. 

All-time aesthetic  

Hand-hooked rugs are all-time elegant pieces of art, being used traditionally for decoration and as a display of the royalties of the houses. Hand-hooked rugs are designed in various patterns and designs and can be customized as per the choices of people. Hand-hooked rugs are an aesthetic in themselves. The rug becomes a highlight of its own in the whole space giving a refreshing look to the whole space. Rugs are a tradition, been in existence for years, but still valued the same.