Modern area rugs are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. Abstract patterns, bold colours and geometric or free-form style elements form the base of these rugs which are best suited to informal homes. Here we define five ways how modern area rugs work wonders to beautify the living spaces…

Modern area rugs help create definition of space: In a living space with open floor plans, there comes plenty of space and a lot of sunlight, which makes it challenging to define the space. With no definition, the living space can run direct into the dining room and it can also merge with the kitchen. This basically happens in studio apartments where living, dining and sleeping spaces are merged. However, the modern area rugs can help to distinguish these spaces. You can easily create a cozy space by keeping one rug under and around the dining table, while the other rug can be kept under the living room to define their spaces

Modern area rugs evoke different moods: This may sound surprising but is true that the modern rugs can evoke different moods. In fact, they also have the power to create an atmosphere you want to build, If you are bringing rug for modern home office, you can go for neutral color, if you are putting together a child’s room, bright yellow or green can create a sunny and exciting mood, while the dark colour shall make a small room. however, a bright coloured modern area rugs bring joy and life to a child’s room.

Modern Area Rugs Bring  Variety to Your space: You can bring in variety to your spaces by varying shapes and sizes of the modern area rugs: The rooms with large areas will always find a challenge to get the right size and here comes the role of varying rugs. You can use one or more modern area rugs, but you need to keep the room’s layout in the mind. The rugs with same size and shape will make the room look divided and hence there needs to be a varied variety to define the space. When using more than one rug in a space, vary the sizes to add balanced variety. For example, you can use a smaller rectangular or round rug in front of a door and choose a large square rug for the rest of the living space.

Makes your room visually appealing: A modern area rug comes as a great way to make the room look visually appealing and it helps in bringing out the best in any room. These modern area rugs come in all shapes and sizes and can also be picked up at pocket friendly price.
Selecting a modern area rug which is stripy shall automatically make the room look bigger. Stripes help giving the room a quite contemporary modern feel. Similarly, plain modern area rugs add a very minimalist but effective look to room.

Bring a difference to your room with careful positioning of modern area rugs: A careful position of modern area rugs can bring a vast difference to the style and look which your room portrays. It gets a maximum visual appeal when the area rug gets offset. For example, placing the bed on just one third of the rug can work well with heavily patterned area rugs.

 Modern area rugs bring relaxation to your room: The modern area rugs help give room a much required relaxation and hence you should always consider the room while picking your Modern Area Rugs. A quite busy room becomes unappealing and you can’t think of adding too many patterns and colours in this case as it can make it distracting. In the living space with patterned wallpaper and bright furnityre, try a neutral colour rug with a subtle look to it. While on the other hand, if most of your decor is neutral or white, a bright coloured rug can add a stark space to your room.

Get the Right Size Modern Area Rugs for better looking room:  You need to get the right sized rug for your living space as the wrong sized rug can disrupt the flow of your room making it look untidy. A small sized rug fitted under  furniture shall make the room feel cramped, but one that’s large for the decor will make your furniture looks small. 
Hence while buying rug, subtract three feet from the room’s dimensions. For example, if the room is 12 feet by 20 feet, you’ll want a rug that is 9 feet by 17 feet.

A liner is a must for a rug: No matter you have big or bold, small or neutral modern area rug, but it is a must for your to have a liner under it. This is because area rugs are prone to slipping on hardwood floors and putting liner under it can prevent the same.