A piece made from thick fibers and used to cover the floor is known as a rug. Many people think rugs and carpets are the same things, but it's not.  Until the 19th century,  people thought that rugs and carpets are the same, but a carpet covers the floor from one wall to another. While a rug can be of any size, thickness, etc. Earlier, people used mostly carpets, but nowadays, rugs are mostly preferred. One possible reason behind it is that we don't want to cover the whole floor with carpet. Today, there are so many types of rugs available in the market. Apart from the quality of the rug, you must take care of it, only then it will last long. Here, we will discuss the best ways to take care of rugs.

Take Care Of Your Rugs From These Things

Nothing lasts permanently, but your rugs can last long. So you have to focus on the common mistakes that you make. Here is some possible reason why you rugs are getting torn quickly.

Pets - Do you have a pet dog or cat in your home. If yes, then you need to be very careful. Dogs and cats have a habit of chewing things. For example, many times, they chew rugs during their playtime. Therefore, always keep an eye on your pet. Also, never leave your pets alone in the house; they might chew all your rugs.

Furniture having sharp edges - Did you put a new rug under your new furniture some days before, but it's torn? Well, this may be due to the sharp edges of the furniture. These sharp edges cut the rugs. Therefore, always be careful while using rugs under the furniture. 

During vacuuming - Vacuuming is necessary for cleaning the rugs. All types of dust particles are removed during vacuuming. But you need to be careful while cleaning the soft edges of rugs.

Humidity -  If the backing of your rug is wet due to any reason, it may affect the rug. Due to humidity,  the fibers of the rug can get damaged. Therefore, keep your rugs dry. You can check your rugs regularly to make sure they are dry.

Top 3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Rugs 

1. Regular cleaning -  Anything requires cleaning, whether it's rug, furniture, or room. You may clean the rugs using a vacuum cleaner. Just be sure that you use the vacuum cleaner carefully on the soft edges of rugs.

2. Keep the rugs dry - Your rugs may get wet due to humidity. You can dry the rug using towels, or you may dry it in little sunlight. You can put one towel under the rug and another towel above the rug. Apply pressure using hands to squeeze the water.

3. No sharp-edged furniture on the rug -  As already discussed,  the sharp edges can cut the rug. Therefore, don't put rugs under furniture having very sharp edges. Or, if you are going to use a rug, then make sure you use some thick material between the rug and legs of the furniture. 

These were some best ways to take care of rugs. These can increase the life of your rugs. You should also get your rugs expert cleaning once every year. This will kill all types of germs living in your rug.