Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

  • Amer Rugs
  • 10 June 2022

Your rug/carpet takes up a large amount of space in your room, home, or office as it is the focal point of your office. You picked a perfect carpet for your space and you really take care of it so that it is free from all the dirtiness. As keeping your rug clean will give you a sense of peace and satisfaction because it is the focal point of your space. and it is rightly said if you pay attention and take care of your thing then your thing also will take care of you. This means cleaning the carpet not only normally but also accurately or perfectly. Your area carpet bears a lot of things that make it dirtier and because of this; the cleaning is the most important part of rugs/carpets. You just need to take care of while cleaning your carpet and clean it with the best quality cleaning material by avoiding cruel ways; as cleaning the wrong way will decrease your carpet quality and the solidity of rugs. So be aware of the way of cleaning your rugs/carpets.

Here are available 4 most common or ordinary mistakes that people do at the time of cleaning their carpet.


Over scrubbing is one of the worst ways of cleaning carpet, converse to what mainly people believe, scrubbing your rug energetically or using moreover greatly elbow smear is hardly the result to get the stains out. Doing this will only spoil or damage the fragile fibers when cleaning a shag rug or a handmade rug, causing it to skirmish and look dog-eared out. Instead, blemish the liquid stain using a spotless cloth.

So avoid over scrubbing on your carpet because it decreases the quality of the rug and highly damaged your carpet and also diminishes the life of your rug. 

Over Cleaning Or Vacuuming Regularly

This is the second most common mistake people do with their beautiful rugs or carpets. They vacuum their rug roughly every day! Cleaning them again and again, using lots of different-different chemicals, or vacuuming them frequently. It is the foremost ground of damaging your rug, over-cleaning or vacuuming will origin the fibers to emaciate out, lose color, and the rug scrimmage. 

Leaving Spills Untreated For Long

This is also a reason for the damaged carpet, if your residence is blessed with kids and/or pets, dribbles are predictable, but stains don’t enclose to be. Be it fluid or food dropping doesn’t put off the cleaning. You can splotch a gooey spill instantly with a soft cloth or even a wet clean to avoid it from seeping addicted to the fibers of the area carpet. Food ought to be detached right away from clumping and accommodation amid the soft fibers of your handmade rug. In reality, we suggest scrutinizing or cleaning your rug once a week to perceive any ignored spills or any new stains.  

Over-Wetting The Carpet

Everyone knows that the easiest and the most accessible cleaning liquid is water. When using a high-quality chemical for cleaning a carpet, it can work speculate in removing stains off your runner mat or when cleaning a shag carpet. But using excessively of it when cleaning your beautiful rug can furthermore turn into a low-quality rug. Using too much water can not solitary escort to damaging the paste that holds the rug but moreover causes sort to cultivate and blacken above time. In many cases, using water too munificently on your handmade carpet can be expensive as it makes the stain spread outwards, causing a larger patch of discoloration. Use water sparingly and always dry your rug well earlier than you set it back in its space. Putting it out to get a tan from time to time is moreover a good idea to treat any remaining humidity. 

When you consider it, cleaning your rug should be a senseless task as it can be done by laymen. But it as well requires thinking and deliberation if you would like to preserve your exceptional interior designer rug or that luxurious handmade rug. Keep the above things in mind when cleaning your rug and your rug should have an elongated, fit lifespan in your beautiful house.