Rugs are often the highlight of the living room and connect other interior design elements. You will be given endless variations of living room designs in numerous patterns, textures, colours, and materials. The substance is one part of a rock that can make or break your aesthetic. Wool rugs can make your home warm, cozy and bamboo slats can make any space look natural. Amer rugs let you choose the right rugs for your design for the living room.

Types of rug material 

Rugs come with a wide range of materials to fit in your home design. Some rugs may be soft and brownish, giving the room a warm look, while some of them are sturdy, smart, and more industrial.

The design of your living area must be standardized so that any rug material can work! Some common rug fabrics materials are:

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Silk and Viscose
  • Jute and Sisal
  • Bamboo Slat and Seagrass
  • Nylon
  • Polypropylene

Each of these materials has a new feature in the design of your living room. Before purchasing your next rug, consider some factors such as texture, longevity, and aesthetics!

Should match your living room 

The most important place to meet in a house is the living area. A rug is a discrete item that is one of the room's key focal points. The colour scheme and style of furniture and decor are to be complimented. It's not unusual to plan a whole living area around the pattern, colour, and material of a rug! If you're not sure of a rug, contacting an interior designer is a great place to start. These designers will provide advice on how to make the right choice for a rug that can complement the room.

Choose the right spot

You must know where you intend to place the rug before you decide on a material. You would have to buy a material to satisfy guest and use, depending on where you put it. Look for materials like seagrass or jute if you are planning to bring the rug into the high foot traffic area. However, if the core of the room were to be a casual rug, wool would be a better option.

Other factors to consider 

When you are looking to buy a rug, the material is not the only thing you need to remember. All the considerations required to be considered before making a purchase are the size, model, colour, and durability. Some patterns produce different emotions or highlight various components of the design. For example, a colorful floral pattern combines a Bohemian room, while a floral pattern rug combines with a minimal aesthetic. 

Make the right decision in choosing the right material rug with Amer rugs

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