Clean and care instructions for your rug you love

Clean and care instructions for your rug you love

Clean and care instructions for your rug you love

  • Amer Rugs
  • 03 January 2020

1. Tips for Vacuum cleaning:
Vacuum needs to be regular affair in fact after every six month. 
First, flip the top of the rug, then turn it and vacuum the back of it. If it’s a wool rug, then turn off the beater bar as it shall save it from damaging its fibres.
The rug needs to be taken out for cleaning every six months. It needs to be unrolled and propped on a fence or porch railing. The back side of the rug can be brushed with broom to ensure there is no dust and dirt remaining attached to the rug.
The edges of the carpets and the baseboards should first be removed as they often collect dust. One needs to be use something nozzle attachment extending to ensure it reaches under couches to remove dust.
Vacuum both horizontally and vertically. The entire room needs to be vacuumed forward and backwards repeating the process thereafter to go from left to right. As the fibres in carpets and rugs are twisted, this process shall ensure that each part of these fibresare cleaned.

2. Tips for spot cleaning the spills:
If something has been spilled on the rug, try cleaning it by kitchen cleaner cloth with the help of a cleaning agent.You can also follow the instructions as mentioned on the label of the clearner. A little spray of cold water and then cleaning with cloth can also help in cleaning the strain.
In fact, the spot cleaning process is yet again three-stepped with first step including covering the spill area and then pressing it with a cloth. It needs to be repeated till the cloth absorbs the spill completely. Secondly, use uni-cleaner and then clean it with cloth and third, wet your cloth with water, blot the stain and repeat till the stain disappears.
Thirdly, you can wet the cloth and blot it on the strain. This process should be repeated till the stain goes away. In the entire process, try picking the right carpet cleaner after reading its label.

3. Shampooing the carpet:
Carpet shampooing at times is also called as steam cleaning. The first step in this process is to remove the furniture. The carpet shampoo is available in the market. Read its instructions and use accordingly. Avoid walking on a carpet when it is wet as it this will bring stains on carpet. Avoid using too much soap as it can lead to damage of machine as well as carpet. Pull the machine back slowly so that it pulls out water slowly.
Lastly allow the carpet to dry in ventilated area

Set up:
Your rug shall reach your home in a folded pattern keeping in view the logistics, packing and transportation pattern in mind. Unfold it the moment you receive it and allow it to settle. There might be a few lines or cracks within but you should not worry over it as they shall slowly disappear once the rug settles. In fact, you can unfold it in opposition direction to ensure the lines and cracks go away. It might take a few days or weeks for these lines to disappear. Meanwhile, you can tae a few steps to ensure your rug becomes free of all folds.
Fold your rug in opposite direction as it exists during its delivery, secondly, vacuum it and thirdly, keep furniture over it so that it settles itself.

Carpet cleaning removes dangerous particles: The annual cleaning of your carpet promises removal of dangerous particles which have been stored inside the carpet at your home for months. They may include food particles, dirt, dust and pet dander too. Even if something gets stuck in your shoe, it can get embedded in carpet and then can emanate odour and stains which can spread to other rooms too making the house stinky at times. 
These particles can also breed germs and bacteria which can pose health challenge to you and your family members. However, the annual cleansing of carpets can come as a blessing giving a freedom from all these diseases ensuing you all live a live and healthy life.
It is quite unfortunate but is true that carpets are fantastic repositories for dirt and dust. In fact even after you avoiding taking shoes on carpets,  there must be millions of dust and other unhealthy particles settling on them. These particles which are quite minute in size get entwined in the fabrics of carpets. Further the spills which are not dried properly also create problems as the humidity promotes the growth of molds, mites and even bugs.

Clean carpets promise improved Indoor Air Quality: The clean carpets of your home also promise the flow of improved indoor air quality. However, the dirty carpets are the reason for triggering poor indoor air quality which can at times trigger and also worsen allergy or asthma symptoms. However, once the carpet is clean, all those challenges die a silent death allowing clean air quality to pass through your rooms.
However, the dirty carpet, due to presence of allergens, results in mild cognitive effects including respiratory & breathing problems, skin irritations and allergies.
A research says that 74-79% of carpet soil comprises of dry particle and therefore it should get rid of dirt by getting vacuumed regularly. Hence, make sure that carpets get cleaned at regular frequency of once a year so that you prevent dust and dirt coming into your room that make you ill. This cleaning also improves indoor air quality which is the quality of air that we all breathe, thus making our indoors a safer place to live.

Regular carpet cleaning ensures longer life: A regular carpet cleaning by a thorough professional shall enhance its life. The dirt, garbage and hidden particulate stuck in the carpet for years can damage the fibres of the carpet thereby damaging the overall structure and design of the carpet giving it an ugly look when being spread. However, once it is cleaned regularly, all these dirts shall be coming out at regular interval giving it a long life and durability. 
In fact, the dirty carpet comes up as the nuisance and the grime stuck inside it shall deteriorate the overall quality of carpet. Hence, regular cleaning of carpets is a must in this context.

Cleaning makes it easier to maintain your carpet: Regular cleaning of carpet promises easy maintaining of your carpet. The only task you ned to follow is to regularly vacuum your carpet the moment it looks dirty. The more you do your part to maintain your carpet, the easier it shall become for you to maintain it. Its regular vacuuming shall save your from huge expenditure of its cleaning too. 
It will be quite beneficial if you vacuum it at least once in a week’s time.

Annual cleaning helps your carpet look better and beautiful: A thorough cleaning helps the toughest stains of wine, pet, mud and coffee to get eliminated.  No matter if you are using over-the-counter products, still it might be difficult to remove the carpet stains. In all these situations, carpet cleaning by thorough professional can help you clean the carpet stains.
The worst stains including the red wine, dirt, mud , pet stains and coffee spill when existing on carpet can easily be done away with regular cleaning making your carpe look beautiful and better than wearing a dirty look.

No Residue: A thorough professional never leaves any kind of residue while cleaning the carpet however there are a few store bought carpet cleaning machines which leave residue.
A vacuum cleaner does not leave behind any residue. However, some of the store-bare known to be leaving behind a high quantity of residue. In fact, many of the buyers are aware of the fact while there are others who are not known this fact that such machines are also called as inefficient machines. So try getting your carpet clean by a thorough professional who shall not leave any residue after its washing .

Clean carpet shall enhance the beauty of your room: The clean carpet shall definitely enhance the room decor giving it a mesmerising look against the unclean carpet which shall definitely garner the attention of guests with its dirty stained patches. No matter how clean your home is, if the carpet is dirty, it will definitely be looking bad. Also, it is a fact that people give first attention to your carpet the moment they enter the house. Hence you shall be able to give the right first impression when your carpet is clean.