Cleaning and Caring Tips for Hand Knotted & Hand Tufted Rugs

Cleaning and Caring Tips for Hand Knotted & Hand Tufted Rugs

Cleaning and Caring Tips for Hand Knotted & Hand Tufted Rugs

  • Amer Rugs
  • 25 January 2022

Hand Knotted Rugs

Hand Knotting is an ancient process that is used very often in making Rugs with intricate designs. It is entirely woven by Hand and having a flatter pile with minimal texture. It doesn’t include a little bit machines or any tools to produce it. They require Months to be made up and they take less maintenance cost and are very durable.There is little very popular type of Rugs in the world. They have been made up of wool, silk and cotton etc. like natural and pure materials and elements. They are very original as they are purely made by hand so they are having higher ranking and values with inheritance and legacy quality.

It takes a lot of time and a good skill to weave a Hand-Knotted Rug and to maintain quality. The price of Hand Knotted Rugs can be defined by the number of knots per square and higher quality. It is a very time consuming process and takes much time to be produce. They are so fascinating and captivating in their glance.

Cleaning and Caring Tips for Hand Knotted Rugs

. Pattern for preservation and care to keep Hand Knotted Rugs to run long and with continuation, there are few tips to adhere:

. You can use vacuum or sweep to make Rug clean and dust free and it is very easiest and smoothest method to care Rugs.

. When you are not using Rug, please do always turn round Rug at regular and continuity basis to make a shield to cover it from being rough and very dim.

. Clean up everyday its liquid spills if any with never usage of any kind of soaps and cleaning products and never put your Rug in sunlight if your Rug is vibrant in colour to make it shiny and prevent from being fade and vanish.

. Always try to keep rug dry to stop mold and smell as hold on to moisture away from Rug will make it clean and polished.

. You can use Rug Pads or towels to make rug clean and if there are a large number of spills, you have to make Rug wet and raise the wet part of Rug till it dries.


Hand Tufted Rugs

Hand-Tufted Rug s half part of is made up by hand and another some half part of is made by machine and industrialized devices and tools. They are generally made up by only wool fibers but low quality. The procedure of making a Hand Knotted Rugs is very different from creating a Hand Tufted Rug. It doesn’t take so much time and doesn’t need any much skill to make Hand Tufted Rug and that’s why it is not complicated and very Easy. The Hand Tufted Rug is fabricated by industrial tool so they can’t run in long term as actually it depends on the manufacturing process and materials used by. Hand Tufted Rugs breaks more than Hand Knotted Rugs as because of their low quality materials and manufacturing process.

The value and price for Hand Tufted Rugs is always not so much as Hand Knotted Rug has. It comes with a little and smaller price value than as Hand Knotted Rug so the quality may be comprises with less cost in lower term. But Still, They look so beautiful and eye catcher to make a attractive and delightful engagement with interior decor. They are not having inheritance quality.



Cleaning and Caring Tips for Hand Tufted Rugs : 

Routine to make clean Hand Tufted Rugs and to do care, there are some points to keep in mind and consider:

. Pull out any kind of spills and grease at once and if there is a liquid spill, take a wet fabric and put it on Rug to soak up utmost.

. Do not uses of any type of hard chemical substances to prevent it from discolor and blemish.

. If you want to use it for very last long, then after using it, rotate it with front side and wrap it with a clean and washed Cloth.

. Make sure to keep it aside from keen edged things or items and fireside such as stove, chimneys etc.

. Do regular vacuuming of Hand Tufted Rug with a right and worthy vacuum cleaner with smoothly, not vigorously.