* You should disable your vacuum cleaner's beater bar prior to cleaning your hand-tufted rug.

  • Tufted rugs provide some unique cleaning challenges owing to their construction and keeping these challenges in mind, it is advisable to shag the tufted rugs outside and beat them as vacuuming can seriously damage the rug.
  • There are no knots anchoring the yarns of the pile in tufted rugs. Instead, there is a canvas backing applied to the back of the rug instead while using latex to ensure the fibres are secured. Over time, rug's backing can become stiff leading to deterioration of  the latex transforming into a non–toxic white powder or else it may start emitting a kind of smell which is like a burnt rubber. This ageing characteristic is of the latex and hence it should not be considered as a defect.
  • If there is any type of spill or accident exposing your tufted rug to moisture, it may trigger the above mentioned process. Hence  proper care needs to be taken to clean and dry the rug immediately.

Rug Repair and storage

  • Repair of the hand tufted rugs are not that cost effective as of hand knotted rugs. In fact, they are relatively inexpensive when compared to hand-knotted rugs. However, remember to get the hand-tufted rugs repaired by reputable rug repair specialists.
  • Remember that the hand-tufted rug is stored with due care and it is not folded; instead, keep it rolled in a tight cylindrical shape. This will ensure its prevention from breaking, backing or wrinkling.
  • Also avoid keeping heavy objects on top of a rolled rug. The heavy objects can      create creases in the rug and can also lead to the break ing of the backing.
  • If the hand-tufted rug’s fringe becomes detached, it can be easily sewn back.