Décor your Living room with Amer rugs and position it at the best place

Décor your Living room with Amer rugs and position it at the best place

Décor your Living room with Amer rugs and position it at the best place

  • Amer Rugs
  • 05 February 2021

Have you ever noticed that your living room was not to the mark decorated or looking off? But you couldn't find it? Living rooms are the most commonly visited places of the home and require a decent rug arrangement. A beautifully designed rug gives a comfortable and luxury feel to your living room and your home. 

If you think your living room looks great when a rug is added, you need a clear idea of where to add the rug in the room. You have to spot yourself accurately for the full effect.

The living room dimensions measure the perfect size and shape of the room. Here are some valuable tips that take the style of the furniture with living room space into account.

Keep in mind that the final objective is to choose the correct rug and organize it to emphasize the stylistic decor flawlessly. You would have to look beyond design, colour and texture – even scale and type. A living room shape that is ideally tailored to a specific space helps improve a room's whole appearance. The best characteristics of the rug itself are also shown.

Below are some quick tips to décor your living room with Amer rugs 

The rule of thumb is to accommodate around the edge of a living room teapot approximately 18 centimetres. However, it should also take into account the overall size and location of the room.
Map the room to scale before selecting a living room rug. Then remember, among other items, the window, furniture scale and sun exposure. Concentrate on space's points of interest and how it can be placed.
Position it in a way that front leg will be on the rug 
This strategy works a great deal. The tap ties the separate pieces of furniture together and expands them into space to produce a sense of proportion. This style illustrates the influence very well. The rug's tone is quite similar to the wooden floor that makes the interruption between the two visually subtle.
Below the sofa where the front legs are on it
Just the couch's head legs lie here on the rug while the chairs are set squarely on the rug. This is more efficient in this situation than just the chairs' front legs fit into the rug. This is attributed to the room's scale and the rug's contrasting color on the surface.
Cover your living room floor with a beautiful rug
One tip is to decide on the location of furniture before choosing which size rug to use, which leads to the next rule: If all the furniture legs are planted squarely on the room, a room usually looks more put together.
The rug in the middle of the floor 
Another solution is that no furniture touches the rug. Although this produces another look, it works as well!
Rug away from the corner of the rooms 
The next rule is a practice for decades, and this solution demands that the room's edge and perimeter walls are approximately 18 inches bare, in typical proportions. This guideline is excellent in enclosed and separate rooms.
There are several rules to direct the decision about the room's size in the house, and many of them contradict each other entirely! However, being aware of these different regulations will guide you in deciding the approach you prefer and can make the look you want in your individual spaces effectively.