Do you know about hand-woven Rugs? Are you aware about its manufacturing? If not, let’s discuss about this handmade piece of art which is made from wool and cotton. It is lightweight with a soft heap and brings the sense of togetherness to any space.

The hand-woven rugsare of the highest grade and unique rug in the world as their textures and design used are incredible, whichblend tradition and modern techniques.

Hand-woven Rugs symbolise style and class which redefine your home decor and gives a refreshing look to your living abode.

These Rugs are durable and come with beautiful designs with its collection ranging from palettes of grey, mustard, milky white, blue to bold striped design.

Weaving Technique

Hand-woven rugs are woven on loom and it takes 1 to 4 people to weave it. However the number depends on the size of the rug. The yarn with weft and wrap cycle makes a beautiful weaving process. These Rugs are tested to ensure that durability and safety are elegant.

How to keep its Beauty Last Longer

  • Keep it neat and clean

  • Spot clean with cold water and soap

  • Do not soak, dry immediately

  • Do not pull the loose ends(if any)

  • Avoid direct sunlight as its color fades

  • Pile shredding is normal, it will reduce with time and usage

Quality of Materials

The high quality of material like silk, wool and cotton make the high quality rug. The best quality wools are also hand spun. Machine hand spun wools are acceptable but are not highly prized.