Explore the Top-Quality Hand-Tufted Carpet Designs- Amer Rugs

Explore the Top-Quality Hand-Tufted Carpet Designs- Amer Rugs

Explore the Top-Quality Hand-Tufted Carpet Designs- Amer Rugs

  • Amer Rugs
  • 31 October 2022

A canvas strung on a frame is the initial step in the fabrication of a hand-tufted carpet. A tufting tool is then used to punch yarn strands into the canvas as the design is being traced on it. The scrim backing on the reverse serves as the most indicative that a rug is hand tufted. To finish the carpet, a fringe is often used using glue or sewing.

Know About our designer hand-tufted collection 

Abstract Collection

To create abstract, we blend New Zealand wool with natural, art silk, or viscose. The ideal abstract rug pattern does not accept shoddy workmanship. The difficult task of transforming the most exquisite paintings into a form from which they may be made into rugs is placed on designers. The only way to get a continuous flow of color without the "blocky" appearance of less expensive alternatives is to use many colors woven into a high knot count.

Laurel Collection

The hand-tufted Laurel rug's incredibly understated yet exquisite appearance gives it the versatility to suit any style of space. Additionally, it has a delicate texture and a neutral tone that will give any space depth without competing with the decor. It is made of 100% natural wool and was painstakingly hand tufted.

Boho  Collection 

Use this boho rug as a welcome mat or place it in your bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, or laundry room. Bring the best visual experience to your home's design. Our hand-tufted carpets give gloss, luster, color, and that wonderfully soft sink feeling to your floor. They are made from wool, viscose, recycled polyester, and cotton.

Each of our carpets has tremendous depth and richness thanks to our sophisticated cut and loop pile hand tufting procedures. We have made an effort to maintain the artisan handcrafted traditions as we create each hand-tufted carpet.