Five tips to remember while buying carpet for your home

Five tips to remember while buying carpet for your home

Five tips to remember while buying carpet for your home

  • Amer Rugs
  • 03 January 2020

1. Fix your budget for buying carpet: Although you many be in a hurry to buy a perfect carpet for your decor,  but you should also check your pocket to find out which range fits your budget. You also need to figure out in which area you shall be putting your carpet as stain resistant carpet comes with the highest price tag. The frequently visited areas such as staircases and basement area should have cheaper carpets as they are visited by one and all at a shorter duration and hence carries a risk of carrying the footmarks.

2. Check out on maintenance part of the carpet: Carpet for your home is meant to bring beauty to your floors. However, it should not mean that you compromise on your financials for its maintenance. Hence, before buying the best carpet, check out on its maintenance part. Different carpets come with different maintenance requirements. If you have kids or pets at home, then try avoiding shag carpet as it is difficult to clean it frequently. Also, try to avoid light coloured carpets as it shall highlight the dirt and stains put by kids. Maintenance is a sacrosanct point to be kept in mind before purchasing a carpet.

3. Mix and match the carpets with walls, curtains and couch: Try collecting the samples of your preferred choice and spread it in your room. See the changing shades of light making an impact on the same. The philosophy of light is quite tricky and therefore you should try to see how the changing shades of the carpet go along with the furniture and other decor pieces in your room. The best carpet for your house shall match with the interior and decor.

4. Identify the room where carpet shall be spread: One needs to identify the room where the carpet shall be spread before its purchase. For example, you might be interested to put the carpet in formal dining area where plush carpets will look great. However, when the same carpets are spread in living room, they shall show footprints and vacuum marks too. Hence try to make a mental note of your room and then plan out which carpet you should buy for your room.

5. Get an ideal padding for your carpets: The carpet for your home needs to have a proper padding right under it to ensure it lives a long life. Basically, the carpet requires a solid foundation to rest which can prevent its wear and tear. The sub-par padding shall see carpet wearing down faster. Hence avoid cutting costs on padding and get the best option to save your carpet from wearing down.

6. Choose the right carpet style: Amongst many carpets easily available in the market, try choosing the right carpet styles from plush, textured, frieze and many others. All these styles come with their distinguished look. While living room and bedroom go well with Saxon and plush carpeting, berber carpeting is well suited to areas which are frequently visited. As it is dense, it hides all kinds of dirt and debris.
On the other hand, Saxon and plush are good for low traffic areas as the foot prints etc made in room easily  appear in pile.

7. Choose the right carpet provider: Reaching out to the right carpet provider is another key decision to be taken before buying the carpet. There is a wide choice available in market to buy carpets which include flooring companies, department stores and internet as well. However, the best option is to buy the carpet from a manufacturer as they have the largest selection of carpets and you shall be spoil for choice while choosing it amongst all carpets. They have a trained staff to answer all their queries and hence you can resolve all your doubts while picking the right carpet for your living interiors.

8. Choose the carpets depending on the quantum of care it requires: Before purchasing a carpet, ensure how much maintenance a carpet requires to look strain resistant. In fact, try to get strain resistant carpets for high traffic areas as they shall require less  cleaning efforts. In short, try taking note of maintenance requirements for a carpet before you go and buy it for your home or office.

9. Check on warranty guidelines of carpet: While buying carpet for your home, try checking on warranty guidelines and also read all cleaning and maintenance instructions as recommended by the manufacturers. Check out on all their details to ensure you use them when required. Checking on warranty guidelines will help your carpet live a longer life. Most of the manufacturers give warranty for five and ten years. Also there comes stain warranties, wear and tear warranties along with matting and crushing warranties. Also there can be some defects in carpets while spreading so try to let your manufacturer know if your are unhappy with defects appearing in carpet during its installation.

10. Know the difference between carpet and area rugs: Last but not the least, try knowing the difference between carpets and area rugs. There are several cases where area rugs look better than carpeting.
Now if you want to know the difference, you should know the fact that carpeting is affordable than area rugs and provide comfort, insulation, and sound absorption. Also it holds dirt, odors and allergens.  However, they need to be replaced within 10 years owing to wear and tear.  On the other hand, area rugs are available in unique colors and designs. Their plus factor is that they can be moved from one room to another and from one house to another.  However, their biggest disadvantage is that it provides partial coverage to the floor and hence flooring should in good shape.