Hand-Knotted Rug for A Perfect Interior

Hand-Knotted Rug for A Perfect Interior

Hand-Knotted Rug for A Perfect Interior

  • Amer Rugs
  • 29 June 2022

What Are Hand-Knotted Rugs?

Hand-knotted rugs are made by skilled rug makers using ancient techniques that have been passed down for hundreds of years. Hand-knotted rugs are of great quality which gives you an amazing feeling. These rugs are made knot by know on a loom which is very time taking makes them unique. The best part about hand-knotted is their Durability. Quality and Cost depend on the number of knots per square inch of the rugs. Hand-knotted in the oldest technique of carpet weaving in India.

How Do Identify The Best quality rugs?

Handmade rugs are woven by the three types of techniques and the hand-knotted technique is one of the best handmade woven techniques. That’s the reason why hand-knotted rugs and carpets last for a very long time. 

If you want to identify that your rug is made up of pure silk or artificial silk then pull a small thread from your rug and burn, if you smell like burnt hair then that rug is made up of pure silk but if it didn’t smell like that then it’s of artificial silk.

The best way to find out about hand-knotted rugs is to flip them over. The design of hand-knotted rugs is the same from front and back so you can use it from both sides to identify the best rug you can flip it over and check both sides and if they’re the same then that rug is good quality.

Fringe at the end. If the rug is original and made with a hand-knotted technique then it’ll be fringe in the end. In the hand-knotted technique you can’t bind threads at the end they have to leave the fringe.

The material used in Hand-Knotted rugs:

Hand-knotted rugs are made up of natural fibers like Silk, Wool, Cotton, Bamboo silk, etc. The use of these high-quality materials and ancient techniques by skilled rug makers give hand-knotted rugs remarkable strength and durability. Wool is the most popular material used in making hand-knotted rugs because it is highly durable and affordable. Silk is also a very popular material for hand-knotted rugs but it is of high price and less durable. Although silk rugs look shiny and classy they give your rug a luxurious texture and feel. Cotton is also a good material to be used in hand-knotted rugs but instead of using it as a pile they mostly use cotton as foundation material. The construction period of these hand-knotted rugs is from a month to 8 years. As we can imagine how long it’ll take to make a rug that’s what makes it more expensive than hand-tufted and machine-made rugs. Hand-knotted made up of great material that you can use it in places where there’s more movement and traffic. You can use hand-knotted rugs and carpets in the living room also. Hand-knotted will work better than hand-tufted in a crowded place.