The hand tufted rugs are half made by hands and half by mechanized tool. The raw material which is used to made hand tufted rugs is wool. The procedure of making hand tufted rugs is different from other rug-making process. These rugs are made by punching the coast of wool into a canvas that is long-drawn-out on a structure my taking the help of hand-operated tool. The process of making hand-tufted rugs does not take timeas it is a short-term process and doesn’t require best level of skill. They are typically higher quality rugs.

Some hand-tufted rugs are made up of wools. Their durability depends on the manufacture and material used. However, their durability lasts up to 20 years.  A hand-tufted rugs can be colorful, flowered, paisley or striped pattern or, more pretty such like other carpets or rugs you have seen.

How to Choose the Perfect Hand-Tufted Rug?

Are you having problem finding the perfect hand-tufted rug for your home? Choosing rugs can be great challenge and it is one of difficult purchase for your house. It can be placed on hardwood floor as an old twang piece. Always think before placing your hand-tufted rug in high traffic area or a busy hallway; it can affect the life span of your rug. It is important to know what material, construction and design can be done on hand-tufted and what types of material can be used.

  • Wool – It is the most common fiber which is used on all area rugs as well as tufted ones. This fiber is known for its durability, softness and strength.

  • Silk – silk has been a luxurious material for many years. It is soft and smooth to feel or touch, it also have sheen effect.

  • Viscose – Second name of viscose is rayon and artificial silk. It is a man-made fiber which gives a look of silk.


What kind of Techniques to Choose from?

  1. Cut pile
  2. Loop pile
  3. Cut and loop pile mixed
  4. Tip shearing