Handmade Rugs Redefine the Aesthetic Feel of Your Interiors

Handmade Rugs Redefine the Aesthetic Feel of Your Interiors

Handmade Rugs Redefine the Aesthetic Feel of Your Interiors

  • Amer Rugs
  • 22 October 2021

Handmade Rugs are purely handcrafted which are available in pure wool, silk, and wool-silk material. Made by master artisans who spend months making one piece of rug, these rugs redefine the aesthetic look of your rooms. Let’s see how these rugs redefine the aesthetic feel of your interiors by bringing in stories from rustic rural India.

Importance of handmade tradition – Handmade Rugs speaks the stories of handmade traditions. Crafted with enthusiasm and dedication by artisans, these rugs are persistent and can be long-lasting. In today’s time, the Handmade Rugs are becoming limited and exotic as the number of master artisans is declining annually. It can completely be cleansed as it contains natural fibers such as wool, silk, cotton, etc. These are non-allergenic and do not carry bacterial expansion. Each knot is different and style and texture are recreated completely.

Process of Making Handmade Rug: The rugs when being spread on your floors also speak the stories of the beautiful rug-making process which has many stages. They are as follows:

Converting Material into Yarn – It is the beginning process of weaving handmade carpets. A large bulk of the material is used on the hand machine to make the yarn bunch.

Washing – This is a second process and an elaborative one as the unfinished materials which are untidy and nasty containing dust, is cleansed and sun-dried for two to three days.

Dying process-- This is a crucial process as the final looks depend on it. Vegetable dye and Chemical dye are used for giving enchanting hues to the handmade carpets. The dye is first heated to boiling temperature for a limited period. The time depends on the color combination as it consumes more time on the dark color and less time on light color.

Finishing – After completion of the weaving process, carpets are trimmed by scissors. 

Cleansing Process – After finishing the process, the carpets are washed with cold water and dried in an open place.

Defining the beauty of a rug on the floor: As the shoes complete your dressing attire, the handbags rugs, in the same way, give a complete look to your interiors. It creates an outline that attracts the eyes to any spectacular room. A rug on the corridors creates a visual connection between the rooms. Rugs are also a considerable way to establish patterns into quiet space which adds a sense of style and temperament to your room. It enlivens the dark space too with its beautiful designs and attracting hues.

Despite the fact that the cost of handmade rugs is much higher than those produced with the help of machinery, demand for handmade rugs is huge.

As these rugs are of the finest quality which gives life to a neutral room and bespeak the stories of artistic traits, they are much more in demand. So, if you are artistic in mind and looking for unique decor, handmade rugs will definitely make your first choice due to their uniqueness in style as well as design. Handmade rugs are more durable and long-lasting than any other rugs. Hence, going with all these factors, handmade rugs totally deserve the high price as well as recognition which can spread smiles across artisans who work hard to produce one masterpiece in form of a beautiful rug.