There's something about a carpet that wood can't match, with its cozy-chic, cushy underfoot sensation. And, while hardwood floors aren't going anywhere, carpet is making a major – and extremely fashionable – comeback. Looking ahead to the year 2021, it appears that we will be expressing our creativity in a bold, inventive, and original manner.

Our 2021 carpet style emphasizes self-expression, from mixing bright and strong clashing hues to rich jewel tones, geometrics, and complicated patterns. The earthy, organic natural style, on the other hand, is expected to last into next year, bringing a soothing landscape into our homes.

Decoration Trends in 2021

Be it Natural

The long-lasting back-to-nature trend will continue to be huge news in 2021. To create a calm and tranquil setting, think natural materials like wool, sisal, and jute, as well as warm, earthy tones.

Use natural fiber

Sustainability and eco-focused materials will increasingly govern how we decorate our houses, as an extension of the natural trend (top). As a result, natural fiber carpets will become increasingly popular.

Coir, seagrass, sisal, and jute are all monsoon-grown grasses that are sustainably sourced for our natural fiber flooring. Our Sisal Herringbone carpet is a classic wall-to-wall carpet with both style and substance. Deep pile carpets in undyed Wool Barefoot, on the other hand, are popular in bedrooms because they are exceptionally soft underfoot and comply with the environmental and wellness trend.

Comfort carpet

Plush carpets will be particularly popular in 2021, with comfort and wellbeing at the top of many homeowners' agendas. A velvet-style pile or a lavish thick loop might help to create a soft and sumptuous atmosphere. These are ideal for low-traffic areas like bedrooms or home offices, bringing hotel-style grandeur into your home. Wool carpets are eco-friendly and luxurious, caring for both you and the environment. A natural, biodegradable, and renewable fiber is a good lifestyle choice as well as a sustainable design investment.

Bold and dark color

In 2021, bold color and expressive style will be featured in many residences. Neutral tones will never go out of style. Art-inspired patterns and deco-style rugs will grow more popular, according to McLeod, while vivid, daring rugs with dynamic patterns and brilliant colors will become more popular. Rugs can help distinguish numerous locations in one room, such as a living room that doubles as a home office, playroom, and schoolroom. Rugs with a lot of personalities can help define these spaces while also inspiring creativity.

Because hallways, staircases, and landing spaces see a lot of traffic, bolder statement patterns tend to work well in these locations. Because these spaces aren't "lived in," they lend it to making more of a design statement, as there isn't much room for furniture. A successful interior concept will reflect components of our personality, therefore the feel of a place is crucial and a very personal choice. Some people want a soothing, tranquil bedroom, while others want a more boudoir-like setting. Consider a neutral plain carpet for a calm area, or consider a velvet collection for maximum luxury and a luxurious feel.