When the long winter evenings arrive, we all wish they had been a bit colder. And did you know that a rug alone can give your interior enough warmth? I assume you didn't, so let me explain how an area rug may do so.

Area rugs are often used as design elements in rooms because they bring vibrancy and style while linking the room together. Another crucial role that rugs play in the winter is to insulate the floor, holding cool air underneath and preventing it from seeping up and cooling the space. Along with your keeping your interior warm the rug's warmth will also keep your feet cozy.

If you're looking for a rug that offers the best insulation possible, a wool rug is your best bet. Wool is one of the most preferred rug-making materials due to the beauty, plush and luxurious sensation it provides underfoot, which is only one of its many reasons.

Your room will be warmer if there is a  carpet in it since it will prevent heat from escaping. Use the largest area rug you can since the size of the rug as a whole affects the temperature of the space. 

In the winter, don't let your home's cold floors make it feel less warm and unwelcoming. You can put your lovely hand-woven area rugs to use by using them as a supplementary source of warmth and insulating your home.