Area rug comes quite handy when one is done decorating a room with all the essential things but still, he feels that there is something missing out. as Area rug comes in different sizes, colors, and materials it might become difficult to select the best rug. So here we are to help you choose the best area rug, but choosing an area rug involves various factors so in this blog we would be touching upon a few factors that are crucial.

RUG Styles-

A rug does come in various styles like traditional, shag, contemporary, vintage, Bohemian, modern, transitional, mid century, southwest, Moroccan, therefore one should meticulously choose the style as per his own need and according to the room and its energy level.

Color Considerations -

After choosing the style of the rug, the next step is to choose the right color. And it's a quite complex and tedious task. In one of our blog, i.e. “How to Choose the Rug Color According to Room” we went into deep on the topic of choosing the right colored rug and discussed a lot of other things, therefore right now we are not going to talk a lot on this topic. But here are some basic principles on choosing the perfect colored rug, like if there are already too many colors in the room then you can go ahead with a neutral colored rug and also a lot of things depend on the energy level of the room, so if you want the room to be full of energy then you can choose some bright color like red else if you want some calmness and peacefulness then you can go ahead with some light colors like blue, white, etc.

Area Rug Size -

Area rugs come in different sizes but the basic advice that you can use for buying the perfect sized rug is that there should be an approx 10 to 20 inches gap between any of the rug edges and the wall of the room. But also don’t forget to choose to keep the rug in the center of the room as the distance between all the edges of the rugs and the wall should be equal.

High Pile Vs. Low Pile.-

Rugs come in two piles that are a high pile and a low pile. And the suitability of both depends upon various factors, such as low piles are well built i.e. they are quite stronger in comparison to high pile as these are soft and gives a luxurious feeling so the basic principle is to choose the low pile rug for the room that gets the most traffic and similarly choose high pile for that room or areas that don’t get much traffic like bedroom or study room.


Rugs require a lot of maintenance, so if you are ready to do a lot of tedious hard work then you can choose a high pile rug but if you are a person who doesn’t want to be burdened with cleaning then you can go ahead with low pile.

Now you have all the information to buy the perfect Area rug. So go ahead and buy yourself the perfect rug.