How to choose the Best Quality Rug for home- 5 Essential Tips

How to choose the Best Quality Rug for home- 5 Essential Tips

How to choose the Best Quality Rug for home- 5 Essential Tips

  • Amer Rugs
  • 24 February 2021

A rug can transform a living room and update your interior look while laying down. Choose a rug according to the color, size, texture, and theme of your interior design. There are many options to consider before you buy the best quality rug. If you want to buy a large size or best quality rug then contact Amer Rugs as they are the experts in the rug industry and provide you the best quality rugs that last for a long time.

Amer rugs give you an updated and stylish version of a rug according to your living room space, there are many other factors before deciding to purchase, Here are some tips to consider before you go purchasing the best quality of rugs.   

What is the Role of Texture?

Rug texture depends on room size. Rugs with a bigger loop with different textures are looking to admire in-room flooring when someone enters a room and notice the texture visible more dashing. It feels nice and dominates the interior look of the living room.

Let’s know about a Rug Size we need 

While choosing the right size of rug for your living room there is some rule that you should know about, measure the dimension and decide a room space that rug will fit best. If you buy a big rug or small rug, better you first know the space of your room, without measurement it’s a waste of money.

  1. If you have free space in a room and think to add something unique then Amer rugs are the best choice to cover your room space.
  2. Furniture sitting plays an important role while laying the rug and should comfortably fit on the top of the rug edge.
  3. Place the rug directly under the coffee table and it will hook up your interior look.
  4. You should add a rug in the dining room with a rectangle dining table.   

Shape of Rug

It’s not just true to buy a rectangle rug, you can choose according to your space, Here Amer rugs provide you a different shaped rug that comforts your space better. If you have a larger table then take a small one that will cover your area.

Which rug quality is best?

Many types of the rug are the best quality, basically, it depends on how you use them. You can lay a rug on a free area, that is hallway or foyer, jute and sisal both are long-lasting material that lay and use every day. And another option is wool and wool-blend; these are also the best choice for buyers.

  1. You can easily clean a rug at home without any electric machine
  2. If you lay update one then the shag rug is the best choice for your office and room but you can use a hand-tufted rug in the bedroom.

Some best-quality rugs that Amer rugs manufacture in:

  1. Hand-knotted rug
  2. Hand-tufted Rug
  3. Hand- Woven Rugs and Carpets
  4. Nylon Printed Carpet
  5. Machine carpet & Carpet tile
  6. Carpet manufacturer                                                                                         

How to know if it is real or Synthetic?

The most common query for people is how to know about a real rug. If you purchase a low-price rug that means your rug is made from polyester on an automated machine. Let’s talk about real-wool rugs. They are basically at a high price because they are handmade and weavers by talented workers. 

  1. Real-wool rugs are soft from both side 
  2. Real-wool absorb humidity 
  3. Synthetic fiber can’t absorb any liquid
  4. Real-wool rugs don’t have any sticker label only they have one side.