How To Decorate Rugs To Make A Room Appear Larger

How To Decorate Rugs To Make A Room Appear Larger

How To Decorate Rugs To Make A Room Appear Larger

  • Amer Rugs
  • 24 November 2022

It is often difficult to re-design rooms that are smaller in size. To make them look bigger, an illusion needs to be created. The rugs are the perfect way to add an illusion of space. While decorating your home and making it look spacious, a few things need to be taken care of. These are furniture, size of rug and pattern of rugs. So to make the room appear larger, proper arrangement of all these elements is important. To decorate your small rooms, here are some tricks you can use to make your room look bigger and more spacious:

Colour of Rugs

Dark colours reflect less light. If your room is small, then choosing dark-colored rugs is not the best option. Instead, go with lighter and cooler colours. White colour reflects high light. So when you arrange a room with light coloured rugs it gives the illusion of more space. Due to the higher reflection of lights by white or cooler colours, it gives a feeling of openness and spaciousness. 

Use Strips and Lines 

You can also add the illusion of space with the usage of correct strips and lines. Use horizontal strips and lines; they add good design and even give a feeling of spaciousness to your room.

Choosing Correct Patterns

Patterns also play an important role. Rugs with minimal patterns and light colours are generally preferred. Do not go with too many patterns in a dark colour. As it will reflect less light and make the room appear smaller. Instead, go with a light-coloured rug with simple patterns over it. You can check our website for the best patterns for your room.

Correct Placement of Furniture

You can also play with the arrangement of furniture to make your room appear larger. Choose a rug that covers almost your entire room, leaving only a certain part of the floor visible. Then add furniture strategically over your rug so that it gives your room a feeling of spaciousness and openness.

Decorating your home with a rug is easy and fun. To make your home appear larger, you can experiment with different rug styles and designs. You can explore our wide range of designs and choose the best one for your home. Make sure, while choosing the rug, you make the proper measurements of your room and then select the size of the rug.