An essential element of our work at Amer rugs is the ongoing pursuit to create something new. We have been recognized by some famous brands for providing quality and unique design rugs that are not only sought after in India but across the world as well. Every rug we provide is made with care, keeping these two factors in mind throughout the production process: Quality & Design! 

Ever since the introduction of the hand-tufted rug collection, people have been in awe with how it brings sophistication and elegance to any room. Hand-Tufted rugs are not only elegant but also durable enough for use at hotels or schools which can be a great plus when you need to make sure your investment is protected.  

Here are 5 amazing collections from our most-loved collection of hand-tufted rugs: but before that let us first look at what does actually hand-tufted rug means.

Hand-Tufted Rug

Hand-tufted rugs are made by using a combination of machine and hand, unlike Hand-knotted rugs which are made from hand and require complete expertise, hand-tufted rugs do not require that level of expertise. And generally, a tufting tool is used to punch strands of yarn into the canvas with the design traced on it.

1) Boho Collection 

Our boho collection is among the most loved collection of hand-tufted rugs and there are 6 rugs in our boho collection and they are as follows, Boho Boh-8 Navy, Boho Boh-6 Pastel Blue, Boho Boh-5 Blue Violet, Boho Boh-3 Ivory, Boho Boh-11 Steel Blue Boho Boh-1 Orange. And what’s so special about them is their unique design and elegant color combination. So if you have been looking for a rug that can uplift your room then there would be no better option than the boho collection.


2) Boston Collection 

Next on the list of collections is our Boston collection of rugs and they are a complete piece of work. And what’s unique about them is not their color but the intriguing patterns, and design along with some peaceful shades of colors like slate grey, graphite, and sky blue. And if you are looking for a rug with some color that can emit peaceful vibes in your living space then there is nothing better than the Boston collection that should be your choice. 



3) Laurel Collection 

In our laurel collection, we have more than 7  rugs and there is something special about them all,  even though while looking at the images they might appear to be simple but trust us they are best suited for luxurious places as with their magnificent looks they are going to uplift the room to a whole new level.



4) Vector Collection 

Our vector collection of rugs is our most expensive collection and it is a true blend of fashion and tradition. Each of the rugs in this collection is designed differently and has a different look. So if you have been looking for some high-quality rugs then the vector collection is the perfect deal for you.


5) Tartan Collection 

Our tartan collection of rugs has more than 6 different color shades to choose from and they all have a unique design that can uplift your living space by adding some cool colors with an elegant design. So if you are looking for some piece of art with a modern touch then this would be the perfect deal for you.


That was all about our collection of hand-tufted rugs, you can check out the collection on our website.