There are many types of area floor rugs available in a wide and beautiful range. Rugs have been manufacturing in most parts of the world for generations and every country rug has its specialties. Modern-time rugs are made with eco-friendly raw materials like bamboo, jute, and sisal, etc. Rugs like Persian, Oriental, and Turkish reflect the culture of their places of origin. If you are thinking about decorating your homes or offices with rugs then first understand the different types of rugs and their qualities.

Different Types of rugs

•    Oriental rugs
The oriental rugs originated in china and are available in a wide range of types of rugs that are based in Asia, Eurasia, and in some parts of the Middle East. Oriental rugs are one of the finest rugs manufactured in the world. The design of oriental rugs is very complex filled with a lot of rich colors. You can find oriental rugs in every part of the world.

•    Persian rugs
Many times the term Persian and oriental rugs are used interchangeably, But the Persian rugs is a kind of oriental rugs that is from the middle east countries like Persia(modern-day Iran), Iraq, and turkey. The Persian rugs differ in color and size from each region and like oriental rugs their design is also colorful and complex. A Persian rug gets better with time which makes it a perfect family heritage. 

•    Tibetan rugs
Tibet shows us the Buddhist traditions and the population produces artwork that reflects spirituality and harmony. The quality of Tibetan rugs shows the serious nature of the Tibetan makers. They put their energy and imagination into their rug designs. The design of Tibetan rugs is different from oriental rugs and it shows the culture of Tibet. 

•    Hand-knotted rugs
The oldest method of rug making is hand-knotted and also takes the most labor to build one rug. The design of hand-knotted rugs is one of its kind and it takes extensive efforts of craftsmen to complete a single rug. The number of knots per square inch makes in the rug makes it strong. The general rule is 160 knots, which is very good, the 600 knots are wonderful to work and the 100 knots per square inch work is very rare and is a work of art. The most fashionable types of knots are Persian and Turkish. The usually used fabrics are wool, silk, and cotton. 

•    Hand-tufted rugs
A hand-tufted rug is made by hand partially by machine tools. The most common fiber used in hand-tufted rugs is wool. Hand-tufted rugs are long-lasting and if properly cared they can last for more than decades. 

•    Braided rugs
Normally braided rugs are manufactured with the use of wool. But they can also be made using cotton and silk as well as manmade materials like nylon and olefin. Braided rugs are easy to clean and are long-lasting. They are perfect for both interior and outdoor designs. 

•    Natural rugs
The demand for natural rugs has been increasing as many people become aware of the environment. The most common types of natural fibers used in these rugs are sisal, jute, seagrass, and mountain grass. Natural rugs are durable, easy to clean, and are affordable in comparison to other types of materials like silk, cotton, or wool.