Do your rugs need a deep cleaning? Learn how to clean rugs by yourself and you can bring your floor rugs back to life whenever you want. Rugs play an important role in decorating your area, but rugs go through a lot like foot traffic, pets, spills, etc, and after some time vacuuming isn’t just enough to get it fully clean, and that's when the knowledge about how to clean rugs at home comes in super handy. 

Some of the rugs can be easily clean at home by yourself and for that, you don’t need to hire professional rug cleaners, unless the rug is fragile. 

There is no need to clean rugs on proper schedules. Instead of that you should clean rugs when they are visibly dirty or smelling bad. Read on to find out how you can refresh the rugs so that they look as good as they were when you first unrolled them. 

Step to Clean Rugs 

1. Collect your tools and supplies
Here’s a list of things that you exactly need to successfully clean a rug: 
• A big bucket
• Clean water
• Rug shampoo
• Soft-bristle sponge or brush

2. Remove dirt and debris
First, vacuum the rugs from both sides and make sure to get every last of garbage from the rugs. If you have pets use a brush to get every stray hair from the rugs. 

3. Mix your cleaner
In the cleaning solutions, use a rug shampoo according to yourselves. But, whatever shampoo you use, follow the steps written on the bottle for mixing. You can also use a mild dish detergent mixed in a warm water bucket, and never use hot water as it can shrink the rug and can fade the color of the rug.

4. Run a color test
Always make sure that the cleaner doesn’t cause fading of colors before you start scrubbing. You can try the solution on a corner of the rug to make sure of it and if the color doesn’t bleed then you can move to the next step.

5. Wash the rug
Start the washing process using a soft-bristle brush or sponge.

6. Dip the Rug
Remove all the cleaning solution from the rugs and then dip it into a bucket of crystal clear water.

7. Remove excess water
In the next step, you need to get rid of all the excess water from the rugs as much you can so that they will dry faster. You can also use a wet-dry vacuum if you have one, or try to squeegee it with full power from both sides.

8. Let the Rug Dry
Now, just let the rugs dry completely. Lay down the rugs in direct contact with sunlight to get them dry fast. First, dry the top of the rug, and after that flip the rug to dry the bottom side. Make sure that the rugs are completely dry before you take them back inside.

9. Run a vacuum or brush over the rug
In the last step, run a vacuum over the dry rug or use a soft-bristled brush because the threads and fibers get squished in the cleaning process and revive them by running a vacuum. Now you are finished and you can enjoy your freshly cleaned rug. Now you know the process to clean rugs by yourself, and you can do your job whenever you like.