Rugs make an excellent choice to redefine your living room décor. The spreading of a beautiful rug piece adds a pristine look to your interiors. The attractive colors of rugs along with mesmerizing patterns and soft edges adorn your living space with aesthetic looks, giving a chance to your interiors to bespeak a different rug story that is attractive and interesting. Now let’s see what all parameters are necessary to be considered to choose a rug that enables your living interiors to communicate a tale coming from rustic rural villages of India.

Décor versatility While choosing a rug for room decor, you should make sure that it suits all diverse aspects. Choose the rug wisely while studying the colors of curtains and walls, patterns, textures.

Warmth During cold months, your décor, including the rug, should be all about warmness. They should be cozy and fuzzy and should also retain their modern appeal. If you want a soft and luxurious feel, then choose the perfect warm rug. Adding a rug under your sofa creates a comfortable, relaxing place to rest your bare feet. Using the area rugs in the space smash the boring cooperate vibes and convert it into a more inviting space to work. Whether you are decorating a child's room or turning an office into a smooth zone, spreading the rugs makes people feel comfortable and warm during cold winter months.

InsulationOf course, not all carpets are the same but some carpets insulate much better than others. The thick rugs act as an active source of the secondary heat generators. When there is a difference in temperature then carpet can help reduce energy costs in heating and cooling. Its always knowledgeable to think about the flooring you select which will affect cooling and heating. If your home or apartment gets cold in winter, then adding a rug is the way to solve the problem.

Energy savings –  As energy prices continuously rise, people are looking for energy savers and new material systems. If you decided to place a new flooring system, then you can choose eco-friendly materials which will increase your ecological footprint. A rug will make you feel comfortable which is warmer to the touch and fibers act as an insulator. They act as a thermal barrier and retain heat within the room. Carpets furnish your home with comfort and décor. 

Some tips to decide on how to use rugs to your comfort:-

1. You can use rugs to separate two adjoining rooms. For example, the living room and dining room can be separated by a rug.

2. You can design any room with two or more rugs, ensuring that they are of different sizes.

3. The rug can be used to accessorize the furnishings or we can choose a rug color matching the wall shade of the room.

4. The color of the rug could decide the character of the room like loud, calm, and modest. They can be hung on the walls to create a central point of attraction.

5. If you are planning to cover the entire room with a rug, make sure to leave some space at the corners because if the corners are left uncovered then the room looks bigger.