Rugs are quite a thing and not only because they are a complete masterpiece, but what’s so special about them is that they can easily uplift the look of a room and can add comfort to it. But here is the catch Rugs are quite costly and taking care of them is quite a herculean task. even so taking care of them is really indispensable as it can add years to your rug, that’s why below are some tips that will help you keep your hand-knotted rug brand new all the time.

Use Rug Pad 

Rug pads are really great tool if you want to save your rug from all the wear and tear,  and here is what rug pad means they are a sheet of material that serves as a buffer between your area rug and the floor. And the purpose of the rug pad is not only to save the rug from all the wear and tear but also if you have kids or elder people in your home then pads are really good as they make the rug non-slippery which will give you a lot of mental peace.

Keep Your Rug Away From The Sunlight.

The constant exposure of the rugs to sunlight can cause them to lose their color. Therefore, as a safety measure, you should do everything possible in order to ensure no part of your rug receives direct sunlight at all times. This means that if you have window coverings installed on them then ensure they are drawn down and closed during daytime hours when the sun is shining through it or else there will be some parts where light hits directly on the rug which could lead to fading away of colors from time-to-time.

Clean The Rug Regularly 

This is a really important piece of advice as if the rug is not cleaned from time to time then there is a high probability that dust particles can penetrate deep into the rug and will eventually affect the rug. It might seem like an easy thing to do, but most people don't take care of their carpets enough because they are either lazy or simply forget about them until it's too late. Every week you must do the cleaning by using the vacuum cleaner.

Shake It Once A Week 

There is a saying that old is gold and that applies to rugs too as some time vacuuming the rug might not clean the rug, therefore, using the traditional method of cleaning- i.e. shaking it will ensure no dust particles are left on.

Avoid Taking Slippers Or Shoes On The Carpet

Taking care of a rug is not just about dusting and vacuuming, it also involves taking the necessary precautions to make sure that your rug lasts as long as possible. One important step in this process is making sure that no one takes shoes or slippers on the area rugs because they will prevent dust particles from going inside of them so deep, which will help save your carpet from outside dirt and other harmful things.

By following the above tips we can guarantee that your rug will not only last long but will also look brand new all the time.