Hand-knotted rugs are the special art pieces made by skilled artisans completely with hands by weaving on a loom. Hand-knotted rugs are made of natural materials like wool, silk, etc.  Skilled and professional artisans are required for making these rugs. 

Hand-knotted give a clean and royal look to any space. They give a luxurious appearance to any space. The designer hand-knotted rugs make a huge difference in the appearance of any space. Here are some ways by which you can make your interior luxurious with designer hand-knotted rugs:

In the Bath

A go-to way of using hand-knotted rugs to make your interiors feel luxurious is to place them in the bath. Designer hand-knotted rugs are perfect to place outside your bath area. This makes the area look high-maintenance while providing the utility that it has. This beautifies the area and also gives it a personal touch. Hand-knotted rugs are made of natural materials so they don’t get affected by some drops of water. They still last long.

Color-Coordinated Way

You can always use your favorite rug as the center of attention and coordinate others according to it. The furniture and rugs must complement each other to give a complete, well-defined look.  If you are using more than one rug then you must take care that they all are color-coordinated or complement each other to give a brightened look to the space.

Mix up The Shapes 

Shapes play an important role in the decoration of any area. Different shapes create different looks. Designer hand-knotted rugs come in various shapes other than basic rectangles such as oval or square. Choose what blends in with your furniture and your interior choice. Shapes can change the whole visual of your place. The mixing of shapes gives vibrance to the space while making it looks luxurious.  

Define Areas 

Luxurious spaces have everything well-specified and well-defined. The intricate patterns of Designer hand-knotted rugs can be used in different specified areas. Designer hand-knotted rugs, when used in different areas create an illusion of separate areas. This gives a visual of well-defined areas of the house.  

Use as A Throw    

Designer hand-knotted rugs can be used as a throw in your living room on the couches, sofas, or chairs. This gives your space a luxurious yet comfortable and cozy look. Hand-knotted rugs give a warm, appealing look. The houses that use rugs in such ways give off a clean and elegant look.