Choosing The Wrong Size Rug 

The size of an area rug can considerably adjust the room's generally effect. A rug that is excessively small for your space can origin the room to feel unattractive. A rug that is excessively large for the room can, oddly enough, construct the room feel smaller. The right-sized area rug will fetch affection and equilibrium to the room, creating the ideal ultimate feel.

Classically, we ‘Amer Rugs’ offers the rug in three to four of the ordinary sizes. Be certain to confirm on the sizes existing while you look for rugs, to make sure that the rug you resembling is available in the size you want.

Certainly, if you have your area rug custom-made, you have the extravagance of having it made to suchlike perfect size you wish. This is a vast advantage to having your rug ready out of broadloom, particularly if your space would perfect set a non-standard size.

Choose The Correct Rug Material For Your Space

Figuring out what type of rug material is perfect for your space is important part. It’s essential to think about how a space will be used, what class of traffic it will get, and how much luxury rug you want.


The most universal material used for rugs, wool rugs is made by high-quality material and its best for bed rooms, dining rooms, and well-trodden areas.


Silk rugs are Luxurious and gleaming. These types of rugs are recognized for their smoothness and subtle polish. Silk rugs are best for the living rooms, and low-traffic areas.


Cotton rugs are most habitually used to make flat-weave rugs such as dhurries and kilims. These types of rugs are best for Kitchens, children’s rooms, and laid-back spaces.

Sisal, Jute, Ocean Grass

Long-lasting, natural grasses and other fibers unite neutral, plain palettes and affluent touch, making them the final design chameleons. These type of rugs are best for the bed rooms, high-traffic and sunlit areas.

Think About Design And Durability

At what time you’re thinking about selecting a rug design, look for one that balance the two key colors in the room and can help set up an overall mood. Dark colors make a friendlier vibe, whereas lighter colors create a small space show larger. Sizzling shade like red and black add affection, whereas white and blues add a consoling outcome. And while you’re looking for your design selection, don’t forget to think about the rug’s durability.

Trying To Match The Whole Thing 

You recognize those living room sets where you catch everything at once and the whole things looks like the same. If it will present a standardized appear to your room it will also be deficient in originality. In this case you need to select contrast color of your rug which make your room classier and make a perfect space for you.

Not Significant How To Set An Area Rug

Most people will buy area rugs to just set everything right on top of it. But the issue with that is you can’t see it! You desire to be showcasing that attractive rug. Parts of that course make sure you prefer a giant sufficient area rug size. When in qualm, always go superior. Evenly as important is to not cover up the entire surface area by the rug.