The first thing coming to your mind when you are planning to decorate your home is rugs and carpets. It is the most commonly used decorative art piece which we can add to our space to give an amazing look to the room where it is placed. Adding a rug to decorate and redecorate the house is considered the simplest, and efficient way of enhancing the beauty and look of the room.

The best type of rug which adds charm and beauty to the space is the hand-knotted rugs. This rug transforms each corner of the room where it is placed and fills it with a comfortable and elegant look to the abode. If you are looking to invest in a hand-knotted rug then you must know the ideas regarding how to choose a good hand-knotted rug and where to perfectly place it in the house.

Some of the tips are as follows -

1. To make the room look spacious and airy then we must use light-colored hand-knotted rugs in a small and cluttered room.

2. To let your room look comfortable and warm then you must use dark-colored hand-knotted rugs with ornate designs that will make the room look cozy and elegant.

3. Hand-knotted Carpets and rugs are the best and perfect decorative pieces you can add to your floor. You can use a large colorful and flooring patterns rug that is comprised of lots of patterns and colors. This large carpet will seek everybody's attention.

4. Large hand-knotted rugs can be used as the focal point in the room. Dark and dense patterns make a rug become the focal point on its own. A light-colored hand-knotted rug can be used to highlight the furniture and this will look beautiful in your abode.

5. You may want to decorate your room with a particular style. In such a case, use a country-style rich color rug that will match your casual furniture as well.

6. Hand-knotted rugs can change the nature and purpose of the room. The best way to use a casual rug is to transform the look of your room. You can place the casual hand-knotted rug at the corner of the room.

7. Texture and patterns play a vital role in the minds of the people using a space. So, the different and elegant patterns of the large hand-knotted rug can have an impact on the subconscious minds of people. These large and rich colored hand-knotted rugs add warmth and beauty to the room.

Rugs are surely an easy way to decorate or redecorate our space. As hand-knotted rugs are available in many sizes, shapes, colors, designs, and prices, and endless options we can use them in any way as per our requirement.