Preventing Unwanted Shedding: A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Your Carpets & Rugs

Preventing Unwanted Shedding: A  Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Your Carpets & Rugs

Preventing Unwanted Shedding: A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Your Carpets & Rugs

  • Amer Rugs
  • 24 February 2023

Are you frustrated with the shedding of your rugs after spending months planning to change the design of your home? Now you have been looking for ways to stop the shedding but haven't found any solutions yet? Look no further! We have some tips to prevent unwanted shedding and help you enjoy your new room design without any hassle.

Placement of Your Rug

The placement of your rug is a crucial factor that affects shedding. If you place your rug in an area with high foot traffic, it is more likely to experience wear and tear, which can lead to shedding as all rugs are not made for high-traffic areas. To minimize shedding, it's important to consider the placement of your rug carefully. If you’re going on a holiday then take off your rug and when you return place it again.


If you've noticed your rug starting to shed, it can be tempting to take immediate action to stop it. However, it's important to approach the problem carefully and avoid using the wrong vacuum settings or attachments, which can actually make the shedding worse. 

When vacuuming your rug, it's also important to avoid going against the pile, as this can cause the fibers to loosen and shed more easily. Instead, always vacuum in straight dimensions and run with the pile. This will help to remove any loose dirt or debris without damaging the fibers or causing shedding.

Trimming Your Rugs 

This tip is useful for natural wool rugs. When you have invested in high-quality rugs it is

guaranteed wool tuft starts to appear on the surface rug. This will completely cause more

damage to the surface area of the rug damaging fibers and causing the appearance of the rug to become fizzy, make sure your hands are clean before being handed. 

Know Your Rugs Purpose

If you're in the market for a new rug, it's important to do your research and make sure you're selecting the right one for your needs. While most rugs are designed to be placed on the floor, there are also rugs that are intended to be used as wall hangings, which adds an element of versatility to your interior decor.

To ensure that you choose the right rug for your space, it's important to consider the purpose of your purchase. Are you looking for a rug to add warmth and comfort to a room? Or do you want to use a rug as a decorative element to enhance the overall aesthetic of your space?


Say goodbye to unwanted shedding and keep your rug looking like new with these helpful tips. Effective rug maintenance can help extend the life of your rug and prevent shedding, so you can enjoy a beautiful and long-lasting addition to your home decor.