With so many styles of rugs available for sale, deciding which is the right rug for your home can be challenging. It should not only blend into your current furniture but also realistic for your lifestyle. Just like other decorative accessories, rugs will give your character a snapshot. We will help you choose the right rug to suit your personality if you are a party lover, an adventurer who loves to travel outside, a country lady who organizes lunch parties and dinner for friends.

Which rug is suitable for the party lover?

Throwing a party and being a host for that will not always easy, and in that, you have to maintain your house interior. If you have many persons around the house many days, be sure to pick a rug that can stand up to a regular footfall and cleanse one quickly. A flat-woven rug like a kelim or a dhurrie is perfect – since they do not have a mound, they don't catch crumbs or dirt, so these rugs have to vacuum quickly again to make them look the best. Most flat fabric rugs are reversible, so you can easily turn over a stain on one side and take it on the other.

Best Rugs for the adventurer who camping outside 

If you are spending much of your spare time outside, how about selecting a rug representing you are enjoying the great outdoors? Camping, skiing, fishing, pigeon shooting, and riding? Animals' hides and furs were the first materials used to provide the most simple homes or shelters with required softness and warmth. Sheepskin rugs are still common because they are natural and long-lasting. The woolly texture and the ivory color, hand-made from individual skin seeds together, bring a comfortable feeling to a bedroom or a seating area.

Best rug for the ladies who are a party lover 

Antiques have often been a design staple for a traditional country house, regardless of whether an old family heirloom or an auction house is found, but they have a huge value. Today, many clever techniques can give a thief a fraction of the cost of looking like an antique item. The well-worn and beloved aspect of old rugs gives appeal and shows that this house is friendly and welcoming. A timeless and elegant piece, which will always fit well in every rural house or dining room, is an aged or faded floral Print rug.

Comfortable woolen rug for old aged parents 

A convenient rug is a must for those who spend a lot of their time in their own homes – beginning with housewives or staying at home to those whose home is also their workplace. The most comfortable underneath is a woolen rug with a depth stack – perfect if you ran around the house all day long! This hand-knotted woolen rug is perfect in Morocco's Berber style – a large, soft, and neutral combination of a simple diamond pattern.

The designer rug shows your character

Obviously, not everyone fits into a nice small box – maybe you're a city socialist working from home, who hosts friends lunches and also has a passion for outdoor activities! Perhaps your choice of rug says something to you about you if you did not choose a designer rug based on your lifestyle.? For example, a striped dhurrie rug or a person with minimal color and a simple design might imply you are a very organized and practical person.