Steps to maintain your Handmade Rugs

Steps to maintain your Handmade Rugs

Steps to maintain your Handmade Rugs

  • Amer Rugs
  • 30 November 2022

Handmade rugs are expensive pieces of art. Owning one needs proper care otherwise one will lose their charm. Handmade rugs like hand-knotted rugs are made by artisans with proper care and hard work. Handmade rugs are high in quality and can be cherished for years. Rugs can fade their colors due to regular exposure to the sun, dust, and other factors. To enhance your rug's life for more years than you need to maintain it so that it does not fade colors and its design remains eye-catchy. Here are some easy steps you can do to maintain your rug's life and make it look beautiful for years.

Dusting the rug

Dust can reduce the shine of the rug and in the future can lead to fading of the color of the rug. The most effective way to get rid of dust is dusting the rugs. You can use a broom, stick, or racket and beat the rug with it. It will remove all the dust from the rugs. You can also hang the rug on something and beat it backward to remove dust. 


Sometimes even after dusting the dust still remains. In such cases, vacuuming is a good way. You can remove excess dust or remaining dust using a vacuum over the rug. Vacuuming every 15 days helps in making rugs sparkling clean. 

Removing the Stains

If your rugs have any stains then it is better to remove them. The fibers of rugs tend to degrade because of stains or spots in them. Handmade rugs are much more durable than machine rugs but harsh rubbing on stains can damage the fiber and material of rugs. It is preferable to adopt other cleaning techniques. In wool rugs, water is not the best way to clean them. You can use baby wipes to gently remove the stains or use recommended products for cleaning.

Rotation of Rugs

Changing or rotating rugs can also help in maintaining rugs. Rugs tend to fade over time. Sometimes only areas with high traffic or direct sunlight fade and the remaining areas of rugs remain non-faded. In this condition of rugs, beauty reduces. So it is better to rotate the rugs every 3-6 months. It will lead to evenly fading and your rug will remain the same for a long duration.

Handmade rugs add beauty to a home. They are unique and expensive. Proper care of them can lead to a good life for them. So do follow the above tips to maintain your handmade rugs