Tips To Create The Best Custom Rug With Us

Tips To Create The Best Custom Rug With Us

Tips To Create The Best Custom Rug With Us

  • Amer Rugs
  • 06 December 2022

We all have designs in our heads that we want to make true. We personally love to create custom rugs. A custom rug unlocks your creativity and gives you a chance to make your own designer rug. When you buy a custom rug from us, you get more than just an amazing piece of art. Your rug is a true piece of treasure for your home that you can pass down from generation to generation. While creating your own piece of art you should consider some important tips. Here are tips that will help you create the best custom rug.


Choosing The Design

In custom rugs, you can either select an existing design and give changes or you can select an entirely new and unique design. It depends on you which to select.  When going for an entirely new design make sure you select the theme that goes with your furniture. The design, colour and theme also need to be selected when going with custom rugs.


Selecting The Perfect Weave

The type of weave depends on the design you select. There are different weaves such as hand-knotted, hand-tufted, power loom, flat-weave etc. After you select the design you need to select the weaving technique. The prices, durability, texture etc depend on the weaving technique you select. Generally, hand-knotted is on the little expensive side because the knots are created by artisans without the use of any machine. It increases their durability and quality.


Choosing The Rug Colour

Colour is one of the most important and difficult decorating decisions a homeowner makes. When it comes to choosing a rug, you want it to complement your decor and reflect your style. But as well as picking a colour that works with the furniture and other decors in your home, you need to choose a rug that complements the colours of your walls and flooring.


Perfect Size Of Rug

After finalising the colour of the rug you need to choose the size of the rug. The size of the Rug depends on the size of the room you want to place the rug in. Make sure to measure and choose a size based on the dimensions of your room and other furniture, so that it fits properly.

A custom rug is a great way to add a bit of creativity to your home. You can check out our website and make your dream rug design comes true. Our experts help you in creating and choosing the perfect material, design and colour for your custom rug.