In today's time, rugs are the most demanding and fashionable carpets for our interior décor and the most trusted name in the rugs industry is Amer rugs. Amer rugs are huge national sales trusted shops, showrooms across the globe. Amer rugs win many achievements in the carpet industry for their successful hard work. Amer rugs were launched by Mahesh Choudhary in 1986.

Amer rugs give a beautiful interior look in the most visited place for your living room which also gives comfort and a luxury feel to your home.
Amer rugs give you a perfect size for your room dimension that you can easily lay in the living room which gives you a luxury look. Somehow you keep in mind that you took the correct rugs to merge with proper room color-texture and furniture that gives your space a dashing look.

Some tips to décor room with Amer rugs:

  1. The left legs position will be on the Rugs
  2. The rug will lay in the middle of the living room
  3. Better you cover a living room with Amer Rugs
  4. Don’t lay rug in the corner of the room

When you purchase rugs online you can’t find if it's real or not and it is hard to get purchase one, we give you some knowledge about real or handmade. In today, everyone makes rugs with better quality and gives the best design, and sells very easily. In the rugs industry, people find it hard to find if it's real or homemade. If you want to buy a rug for your living room then you should better get hand-tufted rugs because they are pocket friendly or at an affordable price you can easily change when your mood-swing. The Hand-tufted rugs are best for your daily use purpose. You can easily wash and use as much as you can and the best point is the quality is very adorable. It hooks you up forever.

Material that used in making the Rugs:

  1. Silk
  2. Wool
  3. Jute
  4. Nylon
  5. Polyester

Amer rugs workers use the best quality of raw material to make the rugs and provide you the best quality and well-designed rugs, the quality decides the actual price of rugs. The material plays an important role while manufacturing the rugs. It should be easy to clean, comfortable, and durable. Those rugs which are made with high-quality material are running lifelong as compared to normal ones. Amer rugs never compromise with quality or material when manufacturing, we provide you the best quality of rugs ever.

Let’s know about how to make rugs:

We all know handmade products need expertise machines that give us fast work compared to skilled workers. Although hand-tufted rugs are taking more time to manufacture because they are simply made by hand in a specific design that is more expensive. The skill of Amer rugs workers is highly safe and secure and it will easily run lifelong. The journey of making the rugs tells us the story of designer personality, quality. The rug is not just a piece of fabric or silk it’s a handmade hard work that we can easily lay in our living room.