Trendy Rugs To Uplift Your Living Space

Trendy Rugs To Uplift Your Living Space

Trendy Rugs To Uplift Your Living Space

  • Amer Rugs
  • 26 May 2022

Rugs are an essential part of floor fashion. Because of the ease of maintenance, people choose tiles or hardwood floors for their homes. These types of floors tend to make the room feel cold and unwelcoming. Over the years, this space can become worn, dated, and practically an eyesore. The strategic placement of the rugs goes a long way in breaking up the monotony of the floor and bringing life to the surroundings.

No matter how drab and cheerless a living space may be, it can be livened up with colorful rugs. Rooms that lack natural light can look incredibly revitalized with bright color rugs. This type of rug will serve to promote a better distribution of artificial light and give a warm glow to everyone who enters the room. Colorful rugs not only have an aesthetic value but also have a positive effect on your mood and lift your spirits just when you start to feel down.

Trendy Hand-Woven Rug

Hand Woven  Rugs are available in different colors, designs, and patterns. These rug designs include flowers, leaves, and other nature-inspired designs. Contemporary rugs of this type also had traditional designs. you can add these rugs to any room in your living space. These rugs give your home a different look. The rugs are handwoven and their complement always adds an exquisite work of art to your living space.

Trendy Hand-Knotted Rug

Our Hand-Knotted Rugs are popular because of their knotted styles. Each type of knot is made with utmost love and care, bound in these rugs compared to factory-made rugs. These rugs are durable and hard-wearing, and their delicacy need not be mentioned. Over time, these rugs will not fade but will improve in texture and quality. These types of rugs are easier to wash and maintain. These come in a variety of patterns to uplift your living space.

There are some factors through which you can choose trendy rugs that uplift your living spaces include :


1. Latest design trends

If your furniture is modern and elegant, it is advisable to use contemporary rugs. Contemporary rugs can be found in a variety of attractive designs including stripes, organic patterns, and abstract and ethnic elements. You can also find trendy rugs in the vine, diamond, and dot configurations with an emphasis on size and drama.

2. Latest Color Trends

These days, zebra stripe rugs are all the rage and come in a plethora of bright colors as well as black and white. Trendy contemporary rugs come in rich, deep colors like brown, indigo, gold, green and purple, as well as dramatic black and white and other soothing neutrals.

3. Latest Texture Trends

The hottest carpet trends are all about subtle textures that create a stylish look. There is now a resurgence of shaggy rugs that are trendy, comfortable, and luxurious. In these rugs, both the low and high strands are used together. Hand-knotted silk and wool rugs add depth and comfort. You'll also find leather used creatively in modern wool and silk carpets.

4. Indoor and Outdoor Rug Trends

Nowadays, the trend is to use attractive rugs for both outdoor and indoor use. With the development of technology, rugs can be easily cleaned as they are made to not fade. Both outdoor and indoor rugs retain their soft texture and are designed to withstand the elements.

5. Winter Rug Trends

 Rugs are all the rage in places that experience severe winter conditions. Not only does a rug dramatically improve the look of a room, but it also makes the area beneath your feet feel warmer and more comfortable. With rugs in deep, warm colors, the feeling of warmth can be intensified. You can choose warm plain color rugs if you already have a pattern on your furniture or walls.

Based on the latest interior trends and preferences, Amer rugs provide trendy rugs to uplift living space and create a stunning effect. Through these, you can choose the trendy rugs according to your living space.