What makes Hand-Knotted Rugs durable?

What makes Hand-Knotted Rugs durable?

What makes Hand-Knotted Rugs durable?

  • Amer Rugs
  • 22 October 2022

Hand-knotted rugs have been the preferred choice of people who value the durability and age-proving quality these rugs offer. Hand-knotted rugs are hand knotted by artisans, with no machine to separate the pile from each other.  As a result, this makes them very durable, as well as ultra-soft. Hand-knotted rugs come in many shapes, colors and sizes - making them perfect for your home decor. Going under a certain process durable hand-knotted rugs are made that last for a long time.

Sketching The Design and other arrangements 

First, the carpet design is created and the sketch is finalized. The cotton is then spun and the loom is put up. The weaver next extends the cotton wraps vertically in columns on the loom after the arrangement. 

Loom Hand Knotting 

The weaver begins the knotting procedure after completing all necessary arrangements. The weaver next tied hundreds of knots in the cotton wraps created in the previous stage. The quantity of knots per square inch has a direct impact on rug quality. 

Clipping And Cutting 

During the weaving of a rug, the end is cut with a knife with each knot. After each row of knots is completed, the rug is gone through the trimming process, which removes superfluous threads and knots from it. 

Washing the rug 

After the trimming process, the rug is washed using some chemicals to remove dirt and yarn fragments that got accumulate during the weave. After washing is finished the rug is left to dry in the sun. 


After the rug has dried, it goes through the inspection process, which includes repeated examinations for errors in the print or pattern. If a flaw or defect is detected, a designated team will remedy it if possible. 


Once the rugs are finished with the inspection process, they are finally packed and shipped to the buyers. The packaging of the rug is not uniform it varies from provider to supplier. 

The above process is what makes a hand knotted carpet durable. To give you a great deal of comfort to your floor and contributes to your home decor for generations.