Want to buy some new rugs for your house? But confused about which fibre you should select. Well, don't worry, we can help you with it. Since today you will get so many types of rugs in the market based on designs, patterns, fibres etc. Earlier, there was not this much variety in the type of rugs. Also, before the 19th-century, rugs and carpets were thought to be the same thing. But, carpets are used to cover the floor surface from one wall to another.

Rugs can be of any dimensions, shapes based upon their use. Here, we will discuss which natural rug fibres are best suited for the home. We will discuss various fibres used for making different rugs.

Types of Rug Fibres

There are many fibres used in the manufacture of rugs. Some of these fibres are manmade, while some are natural. Here, some fibres used in rug manufacture are discussed.

  •  Nylon

As we all know, it's a manmade fibre. It is shiny. It is one of the best fibres for making rugs. It is durable and stain and soil-resistant.  It doesn't fade in the sunlight. So the price of rugs made from nylon fibres isn't too high.

  • Cotton

It is a natural fibre used for making rugs. It is light in weight and fades in sunlight. They can also show the stains since cotton fibres are thin. Also, the rugs made from cotton fibres need regular cleaning and care.


  • Polyester

It is another manmade fibre. It looks shiny. It is resistant to stains soluble in water. So, even if it gets dirty, it is easy to clean. But it fades in sunlight.

  •  Wool

Wool is another natural fibre. It is dense and looks very beautiful. It mains its fibre height. It can hide dirt and stains easily as it looks very thick. Unlike other fibres, which are thin and look transparent,  it looks opaque.  It needs maintenance since it fades in sunlight and takes time to get dry.

  • Acrylic

It is another manmade fibre that has an appearance like wool. It is resistant to moisture. However,  it fades in sunlight, and it isn't much durable.

Apart from these fibres, the blends of various fibres are also used to make rugs. The properties of the blended fibres depend upon the fibre combined in blending.

Which Natural Rug Fibres Are Best?

There are many natural rug fibres used in the manufacture of rugs today. Cotton and wool are the most common natural fibres we know. Both these fibres have pros and cons when it comes to making rugs. Sisal and jute fibres are also used for making rugs. These fibres are very strong. Silk rugs are also popular due to their luxurious appearance. Silk fibres are obtained from silkworms. Silk rugs look very classy.  Whether you use the silk rugs in the living room or any other room, it will change the entire look of the place.

Cotton rugs are also hood since they are light in weight. Cotton rugs can be washed in the washing machine. Wool rugs are thick and look very beautiful. They hide dust and stains very easily. You can choose which natural rug fibres are best suited for the home based on your needs and budget