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Amer Rugs is a market pioneer and expert. We manufacture all patterns of carpets and rugs for the living room/bedroom/kitchen/office. With our previous experience and skills, we are proud that we only manufacture rugs that are the best selling in the market. We make every commodity worth for the money that our consumers are happy with.

Amer rugs are the excellent and best décor dealer of flooring America in the USA, which furnishes your floor and gives it a rich look. If you want to give your home a new look, your floor must be covered with beautiful rugs, carpets, etc. We are the leading and trusted manufacturer of flooring rugs in America. We have decorated millions of square feet of the floors. With the traditional and organic designs, Amer rugs are doing best in Flooring America.

Buy the best Flooring Rugs at Flooring Stores Near me

We can't think of anything more rewarding than just putting the right rug in every room at home, and believe us—we've just got the right rug for every room. Our bedroom carpets offer softness beneath your feet when you're looking for a playful or restful vibe. Living room rugs describe the architecture of your home in the place where the whole family comes together. Our Kitchen rugs are hard-wearing, washable, and stain-resistant, capable of handling frequent spills and wear with ease. Outdoor rugs are a perfect addition to every patio or deck, providing spaces for chat and lounging. If you are searching out for flooring stores near me, then Amer rugs are the best place where you can have perfect rugs for every room in the house.


Classy Rug Flooring with Amer rugs

Rugs are available in various types and patterns, and sometimes it may be tricky for you to choose the best rug for Flooring America that is perfect for your house. Don't worry; you don't want to hustle much for choosing the rugs at Amer rugs. We showcase you a variety of sizes to pick from. If you're going to build a feel a larger space, oversized and extra-large rugs, such as 10x14 area rugs and 12x15 area rugs, can help fill the whole room with a single pattern. We have a global delivery network to distribute our goods under a short timeframe.
The 9x12 carpets are suitable for bigger living rooms and family rooms, and they match well under king-size beds. The 8x10 rugs are wide enough for the living room range to position the rug's front legs or sit under queen-sized beds. 6x9 rugs and 7x9 rugs are large sizes for intermediate spaces or dining rooms. 5x8 area rugs and 4x6 area rugs are flexible options to bring pop style to apartments or smaller spaces.


Decor your home and Office with designer Carpet Flooring

Showcasing the best rugs for flooring America at our local stores benefits the local customer from choosing from the variety of patterns available according to their needs. Our staffs who worked with us are highly trained and bring the designs that are in trend and have the best quality fabric. The decoration is always an inner part that can make your interior space looks adorable. And to make your interior space rich and classy, you must buy flooring rugs from Amer rugs at the best price. Come and see why over lakhs of customers trust us and our best quality designed rugs. Search the flooring stores near me and check out our wide assortment of rugs to décor your office and home and make your floors look better with hand-woven rugs and carpets.