7 reasons why Antique rugs are going popular for modern decor…!


Although the art of rug making is quite old but it is working wonders with the generation next who is in awe of their designs and colours and hence prefers buying them to add artistic value and beauty to their living interiors. In a world which looks obsessed with taking forward leaps without looking back, these antique rugs seem to have changed the phenomenon where the modern generation prefers looking back at them to ensure they pick the right artistic piece bespeaking a different design tale. Therefore, antique rugs are being considered the next generation rugs which go well with modern decor for they are available in neutral shades and minimal colours and avoid too many textures within. Now, let’s figure out reasons why antique rugs are considered next generation rugs…

5 major differences between hand knotted, hand tufted and machine made rugs


Rugs basically come in three forms—hand-knotted, hand-tufted, and machine-made rugs. While the art connoisseurs might know the difference between the three major rug kinds, the common customer is clueless when it comes to buying a rug and therefore gets confused over the basic differences related to these three kinds of rugs. Hence comes the blog mentioning the basic differences between the three kinds of rugs.

Wanna know the evolution of rugs in different parts of globe? Here comes its rich history!


Rugs form a significant role in home decor in present times. Being spread on floors, they share interesting stories of rich artistry involved in its making. However, do we all know the fact that rugs have a rich history too which dates back to the history of humankind itself. This might come as a surprise but is true that rugs’ history is as old as human history. Initially, rugs came in the form of animal skins and later as coarse fabrics which emerged in form of ordinary weave. Later, extracts of animal, vegetable and of recent, man-made fibers have been used as rugs to decorate the bare floors.

Five tips to remember while buying carpet for your home


Carpets add colour and beauty to the floors and walls of your home. The living interiors start speaking stories of rich designs accommodated on them once they are spread around. Hence, one needs to remember a few tips before buying the carpets to ensure that the right carpet is brought home which suits all needs be it financial, home decor, room area and carpet quality as well. Let’s discuss five points to ensure one gets the best carpet for his home:

Cleaning tips for Tufted rugs


A wide range of qualities are being offered under the tufted category which include variations in pile fiber types and the density of the tufts. looking into these variations, there are diverse processes being adopted around to clean the rugs. Here are the following tips for the same.

Clean and care instructions for your rug you love


Clean rug enhances the look of your interiors and also promises better health to the people who live in it. The stains and blots on carpets and rugs can invite dirt and allergens which can lead to respiratory diseases. Here comes tips to clean and care for your carpet.

Best ways to define your living spaces differently with modern area rugs…!


The interior designer trends seem to be changing with the emergence of modern designs paving way into your plush abode. The earlier trends of plush living rooms no more exist and the rooms with reduced size are seen in trend. The room interiors now come with the latest angular and modern lines of decor and with the spread of modern rugs on them, their beauty and appeal get enhanced.