“A Perfect Guide to Selecting the Perfect Carpet Color to Complement Your Interior Design


If you have a colorful room, choose a carpet color that complements the existing colors.

“Keeping Your Handmade Rugs in Pristine Condition: Essential Maintenance Tips”


They come in different materials, styles, and designs that can suit any home décor

Expert Tips for Transforming Your Room and Elevating Your Home Decor With Rug


Adding a rug to your room is a simple and affordable way to enhance your home decor

" Living Room Rug Blunders To Avoid: Tips and Solutions":


A rug that is too small can make the room look disjointed, while a rug that is too large can overwhelm the space and make it feel cramped.

Rugs as Works of Art: Exploring the Intersection of Design and Functionality


Welcome to the fascinating world of rugs as works of art! Rugs have been part of human history and culture for thousands of years

Get Creative: An Inspiring DIY Guide to Using Outdoor Rugs in Unique Ways


In this DIY guide, we'll explore some creative ways to use outdoor rugs that will transform your outdoor living space.

Preventing Unwanted Shedding: A Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Your Carpets & Rugs


Are you frustrated with the shedding of your rugs after spending months planning to change the design of your home

“Revitalize Your Living Room Rugs: A 5-Step Guide to Deep Cleaning


Your living room rug is not only a functional piece of décor

Reviving Your Carpet: Insider Tips for Adding Longevity and Style


Carpeted floors are a great addition to any home as they offer protection to your flooring and help keep your feet warm during the colder months

Flat Weave Rugs: Reasons Why Flat Weaves Rugs Are The Most versatile flooring options


Flat weaves are likely the oldest type of rug made on a loom. They look beautiful and comfortable and can go in any room.

Tips On How To Layer Your Rugs


Rugs of various hues and textures can be mixed and matched to add a lot of visual interest to your space

How to Brighten Faded Rugs and Carpets


Rugs and carpets are an important part of home decor and can add a touch of elegance and comfort to any room. Over time, exposure to sunlight, foot traffic, and everyday wear and tear can cause rugs and carpets to fade

Durable Rugs The Perfect Fit For Spaces


It might be challenging to come across rugs that are both highly functional and beautiful. The best rugs for high-traffic areas in your home, such as the hallway or living room, are those that we've mentioned below.

Why Your Home Need a Rugs


Area rugs with hand knots make beautiful additions to any house, workplace, or venue. An original piece of art, a hand-knotted area rug is nothing less.

Gifting Guide - Why Rugs Are the Perfect Gift Option.


People are getting ready to enjoy this season of the year with all of their excitement and passion.

Add Comfort and Style to your Home With Our Designer Rugs Collection


We are aware of what your home requires to look more elegant and sophisticated.

How to Choose the Perfect Carpet for Your interior.


Finding a perfect rug for your home is nearly impossible without considering the following factors, which can make your house look more appealing:

5 Reasons why Grey Rugs are most Preferred


Many designers and artists tend to choose grey rugs over other colours.

Steps to Make Sure Your Rug Placement is Perfect


We like working with our clients to identify the ideal rug that complements their individual style and way of life.

Tips To Create The Best Custom Rug With Us


Your rug is a true piece of treasure for your home that you can pass down from generation to generation. While creating your own piece of art, you should consider some important tips.

Steps to maintain your Handmade Rugs


Here is how you can maintain the handmade carpet so do follow these points to keep your carpet brand new.

Your Home Needs Rugs On These Spots


Rugs and carpets come in a variety of different sizes, colours and patterns. So your furniture and walls plays important role in determining the type of rug to use

How To Decorate Rugs To Make A Room Appear Larger


These are furniture, size of rug and pattern of rugs. So to make the room appear larger

Magnificent Carpet Designs Perfect For Any Room


A carpet comes in thousands of designs, colour, and patterns. and choosing one that goes with every room is a herculean task.

How do area rugs help to keep your home warm in winter?


assume you didn't, so let me explain how an area rug may do so.

Explore the Top-Quality Hand-Tufted Carpet Designs- Amer Rugs


The scrim backing on the reverse serves as the most indicative that a rug is hand tufted. To finish the carpet, a fringe is often used using glue or sewing.

3 Amazing Ways A Flat-Weave Rug Can Elevate Your Home Décor


They are flat with some raised designs. They are the most preferred rug type because of their flexibility in use and affordability. 

What makes Hand-Knotted Rugs durable?


The cotton is then spun and the loom is put up. The weaver next extends the cotton wraps vertically on the loom after the arrangement. 

Tips to Choose the Best Rug Store


You must choose the perfect rug store from where to buy a rug. If you need to know where to look when shopping for rugs, here are some tips to help make this process easier . 

Exclusive Jwell Collection to decor your interior


The new line will include only limited edition products that are sure to catch your interest. Keep reading to know more about the launch of Jwell Collection and how it can help you decor  your interior

Embellish Your Interior With A Hand-Woven Rug


they are frequently easily reversible, with the threads running left to right being the weft. 

The Highest Quality Hand-Tufted Rug To Elevate Your Interior.


Deciding on what to include may seem difficult. The most crucial thing in any luxurious setting is to have a high-quality hand-tufted rug, which can elevate the interior of your home to the seventh cloud. 

How To Maintain And Clean The Rug At Home


home looking classy while likewise supporting the life expectancy of the rug. While rug cleaning and support might look up simple, you ought not to be tricked.

Why Handmade Rug Is The Best Choice For Décor Living Room


When it comes to decorating houses or even workplaces, the first thing which catches someone’s eyes are the floors, and what can be better than a handmade rug covering the floor and giving it a fine edge statement. Handmade rugs are the best choice for decorating the living room. Here are a few reasons to decorate the living room:

Ultimate Guide On How To Buy The Best Area Rug For Your Home.


The future, sometimes rugs can help close the sale. Not only do they look good, but they also protect high-traffic areas. Whether you use them on carpet, tile, wood, or vinyl floors, rugs help protect your floor and keep it looking new, adding real value to your home.

Make Your Interior Amazing With A Designer Rug


A designer rug could be anything from an oriental rug, a modernistic carpet, a vintage woolen, or even a normal rug. The trick is finding the perfect one for your space! If you are on the lookout for designer rugs that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, we have curated this amazing list of best-priced rugs from our collection.

Know About Our Latest Collection Of Designer Rugs


The Dune collection features a handmade design that is woven with a dense jute backing to provide extra durability. While the larger sizes feature a handmade design woven with a coarse natural latex backing that makes the rug stain and fade resistant.

Hand-Knotted Rug for A Perfect Interior


These rugs are made knot by know on a loom which is very time taking makes them unique. The best part about hand-knotted is their Durability.

Transform Your Workspace With A Hand-Woven Rug


You would wish for it to look and feel excellent enough for you to be proficient to spend most of your time at your workspace, focused on work but also feeling at home. And the easiest approach you can formulate a space to imitate your work personalize, what you do, and the vibe that helps you concentrate is by placing an area rug in your home office.

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid


This means cleaning the carpet not only normally but also accurately or perfectly. Your area carpet bears a lot of things that make it dirtier and because of this; the cleaning is the most important part of rugs/carpets.

Transform your interior with a Rug


The right kind of accessories also goes a long way in giving your home a more personalized touch.

Trendy Rugs To Uplift Your Living Space


These types of floors tend to make the room feel cold and unwelcoming. Over the years, this space can become worn, dated, and practically an eyesore.

Best Ways to Decorate your Bedroom with a Hand-knotted rug


This process is called “hand-knotted” because a knot is tied by hand. Each knot is essential to the shape of the rug, and they require a lot of intricate care to create the perfect design in each

Why Hand- Woven Rugs Are The Best Choice For A Perfect Interior


Hand Woven rugs are the perfect way to decorate your interior, read more to know in detail.

Best Way to Choose a Rug for Your Office


Using a Rug is the best way to uplift your office, and there is no second opinion. But the difficult part is how to choose a perfect rug for your office that's why here are some tips that will help you choose the best rug for your office.

How To Transform Your Workspace With A Rug


A rug can transform your space and make your workspace feel much more inviting. Rugs aren’t just for decorating anymore! They can be used to organize your desk, keep your apparel in place, and a lot more.

4 Mistakes To Avoid While Decorating Your Living Room With Designer Rug


It at once provides a furnace look, describes spaces in open flooring plans, and provides the factual base for the style of a space.

Is Rug For A Kitchen Is The Right Choice


A rug creates a vibe in the kitchen. Placing a rug in the kitchen will also protect the floor.

Guide on How to Buy A Rug Online


The rug makes the place more beautiful or elegant. Purchasing a rug for your home adds a touch to your decor and make a luxurious look. Before purchasing a rug whether it’s online or offline the size of the area that you want to cover should be kept in mind.

Facts To Know About A Flat Weave Rug


A flatweave is a weaving technique in which the weft (the inner part of a weave that moves) is horizontal rather than vertical. The rug weft cotton is usually longer and more flexible than the filling cotton, which is usually shorter and denser. This construction technique gives the rug a flat appearance, much like a woven piece of fabric.

Major Tips to Ensure Your Hand-Knotted Rug Looks Brand New All the Time


The Rugs are quite costly and taking care of them is quite a herculean task. even so taking care of them is really indispensable as it can add years to your rug, that’s why below are some tips that will help you keep your hand-knotted rug brand new all the time.

Major Things to Know About Flat Weave Rugs


These rugs are attractive that can also be used in high traffic areas such as the kitchen, entryway, living room, playing room, etc. The rugs are reversible i.e. they can be used by both sides. As know that it's a flat or very thin rug so they are easily movable from one place to another and also easily be clean.

Know About Our 5 Amazing Hand-Tufted Rug Collection


An essential element of our work at Amer rugs is the ongoing pursuit to create something new. We have been recognized by some famous brands for providing quality and unique design rugs that are not only sought after in India but across the world as well. Every rug we provide is made with care, keeping these two factors in mind throughout the production process: Quality & Design! 

Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Home with Rugs


The size of an area rug can considerably adjust the room's generally effect. A rug that is excessively small for your space can origin the room to feel unattractive. A rug that is excessively large for the room can, oddly enough, construct the room feel smaller.

What Makes a Premium Quality Hand-Knotted Rug


Hand-knotted rugs are unique and of a very different pattern. These rugs are made knot by knot in looms. Hand-knotted rugs made by hands of a skilled weaver.

Make Your Interior Luxurious with Designer Hand-Knotted Rugs


Designer hand-knotted rugs, when used in different areas create an illusion of separate areas. This gives a visual of well-defined areas of the house.  

How To Choose The Rug Color According To Rooms?


If your room is already full of colors then you can choose a neutral-colored rug as it brings harmony to the whole room and creates a warm feeling, and in case there is not enough color in the room then you can choose a bold-colored rug like a red or orange.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Rug for Home


Even the final look of the room depends upon the rug. While purchasing a rug there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

How To Choose The Best Area Rug


difficult to select the best rug. So here we are to help you choose the best area rug, but choosing an area rug involves various factors so in this blog we would be touching upon a few factors that are crucial.

Which Rug Is Perfect To Decor Your Living Room Interior?


We have an amazing collection of Rugs for you that will increase charm and beautify of your Living Room. A Flat Weave Rug and Hand Tufted Rug is perfect choice to decor your living room.

How To Refresh Your Floor With Designer Flat-Weave Rugs


Flat-weave Rugs are well-liked rugs from the customers as they are of traditional patterns and also can be placed in high traffic areas without losing any shine. These rugs are not expensive as other rugs; they are easily affordable by the customer. These rugs have a different design rather than knotted.

Amazing Things TO Know About Hand-Hooked Rugs


Hand-hooked rugs are very resilient and durable. This is because they are crafted with hands by pulling of the yarns into loops. This is pulled tightly and knotted together which does not open easily. Or, in other words, a good quality hand-hooked rug tends to have no loose ends. They are easily washable and flexible which easies their placement and arrangement as per the person’s choice and aesthetic of the house.  

Cleaning and Caring Tips for Hand Knotted & Hand Tufted Rugs


Clean up everyday its liquid spills if any with never usage of any kind of soaps and cleaning products and never put your Rug in sunlight if your Rug is vibrant in colour to make it shiny and prevent from being fade and vanish.

How to Give Your Bedroom a Unique Decorative Look by Designer Carpets


You can give a unique beauty to your bedroom by decorating it with designer carpets. There are many ways to style the bedroom with decorative Rugs and it will amaze you.

Buy Designer Hand-Knotted Rugs That Suit Your Home and Your Lifestyle


If you want to buy designer Hand-Knotted Rugs that Suit Your Home and Your Lifestyle, then you should visit Amer Rugs. They are one of the best companies in the USA to provide varieties of designer rugs and carpets

The Art of Beautiful Hand-Woven Rugs to Décor Your Space on Christmas


If you are looking for Beautiful Hand-Woven Rugs to Décor Your Space on Christmas then Amer Rugs is the best option for you. They give the best quality and designer hand-woven rugs. These rugs look stylish and attractive.

Glorious Modern Flat-Weave Rugs to Glorify Your Interior


Flat-weave rug collections and varieties provide an aesthetic modern and traditional look with its very formal beige and black combination to the retro-styled abstract designs that will look amazing in your home.

Reasons to add a Designer Rug to Your Living Room


There are many reasons that made you add the designer rugs to your living room, its aesthetic look of the patterns, textures, and rich colors made it a perfect choice to add to your living room.

Know About The Beauty Of Power Loom Rug


One of this variety of rugs popular among people is power loom rugs. These engaging rugs provide you with a lot of benefits.

Major Benefits Of Having Hand-Woven Rugs In The Home And Office


Hand-woven rugs are the best quality rug that you must add to your room to give a unique style to the room. In this blog, we will discuss some of the major benefits of having a hand-woven rug in your space.

Choosing the Right Flat-Weave Rug To Decor The Home Interior


Flat-weave rugs are the oldest type of rugs that are very light in weight, and flexible in structure. The best thing about these rugs is that they are reversible which means we can use them from either side.

Numerous Ideas to Decorate Your Space With Large Hand-Knotted Rugs


Hand-knotted Carpets and rugs are the best and perfect decorative pieces you can add to your floor. Hand-knotted rugs are large colorful and flooring patterns rug that is comprised of lots of patterns and colors. You can use these large hand-knotted rugs in many ways.

Why Choose Hand-Woven Rugs Carpets To Decor Living Room?


Hand-woven rugs are one of the most beautiful types of rugs which we can place in our space to enhance the beauty of our home. These rugs generally possess a charming and dignified look.

Tips To Choose A Hand-Tufted Rug


Enhance the beauty of your space with hand-tufted rugs. These rugs are unique pieces of art that have numerous benefits and a true value for your money.

Let Your Living Abode Bespeak a Beautiful Rug Story!


Redefine your living room by spreading the beautiful rug to decor your interior.

Handmade Rugs Redefine the Aesthetic Feel of Your Interiors


Handmade rugs are purely handcrafted by master artisans who spend months in making one piece of the rug these rugs redefine the aesthetic look of any room.

Rugs Bless Your Living Space With Comfort and Wellbeing


To upraise the glance and aura of the rugs here we elaborate on the comfort and wellbeing at the forefront of your house.

Picking the Perfect Rug for your Living Abode? Let’s Read About The Vital Tips


Pick the perfect rug to make the interior of your home more beautiful. Here are some tips that will help you to choose a perfect rug for your living space.

Hand-Tufted Rug Ideas: Here's How to Choose the Perfect Hand-Tufted Rug


Hand Tufted Rugs mainly made by hand and it looks more beautiful in home, office and other location. Ame Rrugs made the best quality hand-tufted rugs at an affordable cost. Hand-tufted rugs are highly durable.

How Designer Hand-Knotted Rugs Make a Perfect Decor for Your Living Space?


Hand-Knotted Rugs make the interior more beautiful and attractive. You can pick the best designer Rug to decor your living space.

Everything You Need To Know About Hand-Woven Rugs – Amer Rugs


Amer rugs have the best quality of hand-woven and use the best quality of raw material for making rugs. The artisans are very skilled and know different designs for making hand-woven rugs. You should definitely buy rugs for your interior from Amer rugs.

Which Natural Rug Fibres Are Best Suited For Home?


If you are looking for the best natural rug for your home decor then Amer rugs have the best collection of fiber that are manmade and there are various options available for designing your house.

How To Make Your Home Interior Amazing With Designer Rugs


Rugs for home décor, Decorate your home interior with a beautiful design of rugs that provide a different amazing look to the home. Choose the different sizes and patterns of area rugs in different variety which makes your interior look good.

Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Rugs


If you are looking for the best quality of rugs with no issue in future, then Amer rugs provide the regular cleaning of your rug with the best features and focus on the common mistakes that you make.

Do and Don'ts About Cleaning A Rug Or Carpet


Clean carpet everyone wants but facing a lot of issues do not know about it. we have specialists in cleaning carpets who solve all your difficulties and restore the new look to your rug.

Add Colors to Your Living Room by A Beautiful Rug


Decorate your living room interior with amazing carpet designs that looks beautiful. you can choose perfect rug for living room from wide range collection.

Decorate your Personal Room with Colorful Rugs


Our colorful Rugs are perfect to decorate the personal room. It gives a unique look and enhances the beauty of a room's interior. We have a wide range of beautiful Rug collection

Home Decoration Ideas for 2021


If you want to decore your home with designer Rugs and get the best Rug ideas then Amer Rugs is the best option for you. Give your home a stylish look with the best home decoration ideas.

Rugs will Add a Special Look and Feel to your Home


Rugs are always giving a good feeling and a special look in a different way. Amer Rugs is the best option to provides the best quality rugs and carpet at an affordable cost. They provide a range of classic, trendy, luxurious, and comfortable rugs to you.

How to Choose the Best Rug for the Living Room


Living Room is a Beautiful Part of Every Home. Decorate it with Our Beautiful designer Livingroom Rug and enhance the beauty of the space.

How to buy a Carpets & Rugs: Tips on buying the best Area Rugs


There are many ways to buy carpet and rugs, Amer rugs are the best option to purchase the best quality rugs and carpet. Color, theme, Fabric, and material of the rug are important tip on buying the best Area Rugs.

How Rugs and Carpets an Important Part of your Decor?


Rugs and carpets are the best part of home decor, add a unique beauty to the home interior. Amer Rugs have the best decorative Rugs and Carpets to make your space beautiful.

Ways to Use Rugs and Carpets to make the Room look Beautiful


Make your room beautiful with our best rugs and carpets collection. Amer Rugs have wide-range of Rugs collection at the best price.

Decorate your Guest Room with Area rugs


Make a great impression on your guest by decorating your guest rooms with beautifully designed area rugs by Amer rugs. They provide the best quality designer rugs for your Guest Room.

Reasons Why you should have a Rug in your Home


Don’t you want a comfortable and smooth feeling under your foot? If yes, then all you need are the best quality rugs by Amer rugs. Rugs make a room more comfortable and luxurious and give a beautiful feeling.

Reasons Why You Need a Rug in Your Life


A beautifully crafted rug can effortlessly transform any space. Rugs offer comfort and softness of feet. They are used to décor the interior of home space and provides a luxurious look to the home space. The softness of rugs provides safety to kids when they fall on them while playing.

Decorative Rugs- Basic and Stylish Rugs for your Home


Rugs are the best option to give your home a new and stylish look. Rugs offer a luxurious and beautiful look to any space. Rugs compliment the room and complete the interior of the room without being heavy on the pocket. Choose from the wide range of rugs as per your home interior, color, and size.

Amer Rugs- Make Your Space Elegant and Modern


If you are planning to decorate a room reasonably and easily, the first thing that any interior decorator will suggest is the addition of a classy rug in the room. A rug provides an elegant and beautiful look to your home space. A beautifully crafted rug will offer comfort to your foot and will complete your interior.

A Guide to Help You Buy a Perfect Rug


When you decide to add a rug to your room. There are many excellent choices to consider and pick from. Amer Rugs provide a range of classic, trendy and luxurious rugs to you. But the question arises, How to select the perfect rug for your home space?

Know About the Different Types of Area Floor Rugs


There are many types of area floor rugs, available in a wide and beautiful range. Rugs have been manufacturing in most parts of the world for generations and every country rug has its specialties. Modern-time rugs are made with eco-friendly raw materials like bamboo, jute, and sisal, etc.

Difference between handmade and machine-made rugs


It’s hard to tell the difference between handmade and machine-made rugs, especially if you don’t have much experience with rugs. But, after reading this blog completely, you will become a professional. The three main differences between both rugs are the fringe, the back, and the edge finishing of the rug. These three elements will tell you about the manufacturing process of the rug.

Choosing a Rug: Which Material Is Right For You?


Rugs are often the highlight of the living room and connect other interior design elements. You have to choose rugs as per the interior decor of your home space. Every rug has its own features. Wool rugs can make your home warm, cozy and bamboo slats can make any space look natural. Amer rugs let you choose the right rugs for your design for the living room.

Know-How to Clean a Rug At Home


Rugs play an important role in decorating your area, but rugs go through a lot like foot traffic, pets, spills, etc, and after some time vacuuming isn’t just enough to get it fully clean, and that's when the knowledge about how to clean rugs at home comes in super handy. Just follow these simple steps to clean your rugs at home by yourself.

Rugs & Carpet - A Lifestyle That Reflects Your Personality


There are so many styles and designs of rugs are available in the market and choosing the right rug as per the interior decor of your place can be a tough job, But don't worry we will help you. There are few things to consider before you go for purchasing a rug for your place.

Area Rugs and How They Can Compliment a Room's Interior Design


Area rugs are the best option for decorating your living area, the rugs complete your interior design and make your area more attractive and luxurious. But, it may be difficult for some people to choose the best area rugs according to the interior design and decoration of their living areas. Here are some useful tips which you should consider before you go for area rugs.

The Secrets to Choose an Area Rug


A rug gives an attractive and luxurious look to your homes. We don't shop rugs for comfort but with comfort, it also gives an attractive and luxurious look to our homes. Choosing the right rug for the rug location is an art and only a few have knowledge about that. There is a list of things to consider before you buy a rug for your homes, offices, etc.

Tips to Choose Perfect Amer Rug for your Kitchen


The kitchen is the most visited area of Homes and to give it an attractive look you need a beautifully crafted Kitchen rug from Amer Rugs. A beautifully curated kitchen starts your day with happiness. Before you go to choose the right Kitchen rug remember some tips so that you can select the best one which compliments your kitchen.

Comfort your Kids with Finest Rugs for their Room


When considering the rooms of kids, comfort is the most important thing. Their room is like a paradise for them where they grow, learn and study. So, it's really important to keep it comfortable and beautiful for them. Here are some tips to be considered while choosing the best rug for kid's rooms.

How to choose the Best Quality Rug for home- 5 Essential Tips


Here's the list of things to consider while choosing the best quality rug for your space. Before you go for a rug, first measure the size of the location where you want to place the rug, then understand the design, color of your space, understand your budget and then choose the rugs according to their texture, color, comfort, and durability which will completely match your space.

Why Rugs are Going Popular for Interior Decor


Rugs are best for decorating homes as they give a beautiful and new look to your home area. You can find rugs in different styles, textures, and sizes and can choose your favorite to decorate your home. Rugs are comfortable and long-lasting and today's new generation is also admiring their beauty and art.

Trendy Handcrafted Rugs to Decor your Room - Amer Rugs


It’s hard to find the best-suited rug for your home space as there are many designs available in the market. But Amer rugs staff gives you full support and guidance in choosing the best rugs for your area. You have to choose the rugs according to the size, color, and space of your place. The color and pattern of the rug should completely complement the area of your home to give it a luxurious and beautiful feeling.

Difference Between Hand-Knotted Vs Hand Tufted Rugs


It's hard to find out the difference between real handmade rugs and fake. Two types of handmade rugs are hand-knotted and hand-tufted. Amer rugs manufacture the best quality hand made rugs by using the finest quality materials. Hand-made rugs last for more than a decade and give more shine and comfortable feeling than the others.

Things to keep in mind when shopping for rugs


Rugs are one of the best things to design your home and to give it a new look. But, there are several things to keep in mind while buying a rug for your home. The first thing is to understand the design, size, and color of your area. Because it plays an important role in selecting a rug that will perfectly match your home area. Try to look for a trendy design that suits your area. Rugs are made with different fibers and the expensive ones last for a long time and the cheaper ones last for some years. Try to invest in expensive ones as they last long and can be cleaned easily as compared to other ones.

Trendy rug design for your bedroom


Beautifully designed rugs on bedroom floors give a comfortable walk to your feet and keep you away from the cold ground in the mornings. A stylish Amer rug gives an elegant and attractive look to your bedroom. Choose from a vast variety of Amer rugs according to the design and color of your bedroom. We manufacture different types of rugs which you can place in your bedroom. some of them are velvet and silk rugs, striped rugs, hand-knotted rugs, corner to corner rugs, etc.

Décor your Living room with Amer rugs and position it at the best place


Add a beautifully crafted Rug to your home to add excitement and luxury feel to it. Rugs give you a comfortable and smooth feeling to legs. But the problem arises when we couldn’t find the best spot to place the rug. Here are some tips to décor your home with Amer rugs. Place it in a way that front leg lands on it while we sit and place the Amer rug in middle of the floor.

What Makes an Amazing quality rug- Amer Rugs


Rugs aren’t just a piece of fabric we lay down in our homes, offices. Rugs have their own history and whenever you buy a piece of rug, with that you bring art and culture of ancient people. Rugs are luxurious and traditional which gives a comfortable feeling to your family. Rugs are manufactured by use of different methods and by use of different fibers. We manufacture rugs in different designs and styles which fulfills the demands of every kind of customer.

7 reasons why Antique rugs are going popular for modern decor…!


Although the art of rug making is quite old but it is working wonders with the generation next who is in awe of their designs and colours and hence prefers buying them to add artistic value and beauty to their living interiors. In a world which looks obsessed with taking forward leaps without looking back, these antique rugs seem to have changed the phenomenon where the modern generation prefers looking back at them to ensure they pick the right artistic piece bespeaking a different design tale. Therefore, antique rugs are being considered the next generation rugs which go well with modern decor for they are available in neutral shades and minimal colours and avoid too many textures within. Now, let’s figure out reasons why antique rugs are considered next generation rugs…

5 major differences between hand knotted, hand tufted and machine made rugs


Rugs basically come in three forms—hand-knotted, hand-tufted, and machine-made rugs. While the art connoisseurs might know the difference between the three major rug kinds, the common customer is clueless when it comes to buying a rug and therefore gets confused over the basic differences related to these three kinds of rugs. Hence comes the blog mentioning the basic differences between the three kinds of rugs.

Cleaning tips for Tufted rugs


A wide range of qualities are being offered under the tufted category which include variations in pile fiber types and the density of the tufts. looking into these variations, there are diverse processes being adopted around to clean the rugs. Here are the following tips for the same.

Five tips to remember while buying carpet for your home


Carpets add colour and beauty to the floors and walls of your home. The living interiors start speaking stories of rich designs accommodated on them once they are spread around. Hence, one needs to remember a few tips before buying the carpets to ensure that the right carpet is brought home which suits all needs be it financial, home decor, room area and carpet quality as well. Let’s discuss five points to ensure one gets the best carpet for his home:

Clean and care instructions for your rug you love


Clean rug enhances the look of your interiors and also promises better health to the people who live in it. The stains and blots on carpets and rugs can invite dirt and allergens which can lead to respiratory diseases. Here comes tips to clean and care for your carpet.

Best ways to define your living spaces differently with modern area rugs…!


The interior designer trends seem to be changing with the emergence of modern designs paving way into your plush abode. The earlier trends of plush living rooms no more exist and the rooms with reduced size are seen in trend. The room interiors now come with the latest angular and modern lines of decor and with the spread of modern rugs on them, their beauty and appeal get enhanced.

Wanna know the evolution of rugs in different parts of globe? Here comes its rich history!


Rugs form a significant role in home decor in present times. Being spread on floors, they share interesting stories of rich artistry involved in its making. However, do we all know the fact that rugs have a rich history too which dates back to the history of humankind itself. This might come as a surprise but is true that rugs’ history is as old as human history. Initially, rugs came in the form of animal skins and later as coarse fabrics which emerged in form of ordinary weave. Later, extracts of animal, vegetable and of recent, man-made fibers have been used as rugs to decorate the bare floors.